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Google Lens gets a new, Googlier icon [APK Download]

If you were hoping that Google Lens's latest update would bring all the new features that were promised at I/O, you will need to hold your breath a little longer. It's true that a new version of the app began rolling out yesterday, but it brings nothing of substance beside a new icon. And we've been getting enough tips about it that we just had to write this up.

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Google Voice gets a new icon, color, and Contacts tab

The Google Voice Android app received an update this week that not only changes the icon and accent colors to match what you'll find in the new Hangouts and Chat, but it also adds a new Contacts tab for quickly accessing your address book.

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Android O feature spotlight: System apps (and apps without icons) get a new icon

Icons can either make an operating system look very modern or very dated. You could have the most state-of-the-art OS, but the wrong icon will make that OS seem like it's straight out of 1995. Google knows this, and so it's updated all of its system apps and iconless apps to show a new, contemporary-looking icon.

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Pandora unveils a brand new, slightly psychedelic brand identity

Pandora, the internet radio app, has gone through a few changes this past year. First, there was a full redesign of the Android app that brought it into the modern age, then there was the Pandora Plus monthly subscription with unlimited skips and repeats and offline listening.

Now the service is ready for another leap. The old dark blue serif P icon is gone, to be replaced by a new vibrant and filled blue P with a more modern typeface. There's a new full "pandora" logo to boot, and a lot of talk about "dynamic range of sound and color, visualizing the energy and emotion that artists pour into the creation of music."

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Todoist Gives Its Brand A Visual Refresh, Introduces New App Icon In Latest Update

Todoist gave its Android app a complete material makeover early this summer, providing users with the most changes they've seen in years. But it seems the company left one thing off the list at the time, and today it's rectifying that. The to-do list and note syncing service has come out with a new brand identity, one that does away with its old TD logo.

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Motorola Gives Its Camera App A Flat, Teal Icon In Latest Update

Motorola ships a mostly stock-looking build of Android on its devices, but it does pack in a few exclusive software tweaks. Exhibit A: Moto devices can load up the camera with a flick-to-launch gesture. Motorola ships its own app to make this possible, which until now came with the stock KitKat icon. Today Motorola has updated the app with a unique look of its own.

MotorolaCameraOld MotorolaCameraNew

Old, New.

The Motorola Camera's new icon is still clearly inspired by Google Camera's, borrowing from its flatter design and multicolored lens. Though in this case, the lens is simply different shades of teal.

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