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Google Docs gets new fonts to improve reading speed, so now everyone can reject your screenplay much faster

Today Google has announced that Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides have access to a small pile of new "Lexend" family of fonts meant to make reading a bit easier. Based on a bit of research which claims that character size, spacing, and stretch can enhance understanding if customized to reading speed, the new fonts come in eight different widths from "Zetta" to "Deca."

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WhatsApp adds Voicemail and Call Back options, new Fixedsys font

A few weeks ago, we reported about WhatsApp's plans to add a voicemail-like feature to its voice calls as well as an easy option to call back the person. At the time, all we had were translation strings, but now the feature is live on version 2.16.189 beta (which you can grab from APK Mirror here or by joining the Play Store beta). There are two other small features that were added a few beta versions ago that I'll cover in this post as well.

Voicemail and Call back

After you make a voice call on WhatsApp and your contact either declines the call or it goes unanswered, you will see a new "Call declined" screen with three new round buttons.

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