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[Update: Rolling out] Facebook Messenger may soon let you 'unsend' messages

You've almost certainly said something you regretted in a chat, whether it was because you were tired, angry, or just looking at the wrong conversation — but Facebook Messenger could soon get a feature that'll let you take those misguided statements back. Evidence has been found that an "unsend" option is in the works.

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Add-ons for Docs and Sheets are now on Google Play

Two years ago Google introduced extensions for Google Docs and Sheets. These third-party add-ons expanded on what the browser-based word processor and spreadsheet could do, often integrating them with online services. Now that functionality has made its way to Android.

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Google Maps Navigation Bubbles Containing Street And Exit Names Are Rolling Out To More People

A recent Google Maps update introduced a feature that makes upcoming turns and exits easier to follow. Rather than leaving you trying to reconcile the street names at the top of the screen with the direction of the blue path below, Maps has started to insert bubbles onto the map that mark the location for you while also showing you which road you're on.

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Instagram Will Soon Display View Counts In Place Of Likes Underneath Videos

Instagram is a social network built around sharing photos. In 2015, the service introduced the ability to share video clips. Now it's about to implement another way of determining how popular those videos are becoming.

Right now, the only feedback uploaders can go off are the number of likes and comments they receive. Soon, Instagram will introduce view counts.

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Google Search Will Now Show You The Busiest Time Of Day For That Place You're Going To

Do you like to frequent places when they're at their busiest or do you prefer to slip in when no one else is around? No matter. Google Search will now help you do both. When you search for certain establishments, Google will show you which times of the day are the most popular.

Just search for a place's name and click on its card in the search results. Underneath the address and phone number you might see a scrollable chart showing when folks tend to stop by.


Results will vary. I had success when trying Blue Bottle Williamsburg, the coffee shop in Google's example.

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Facebook Messenger Will Now Provide Background On Strangers And Friends You Don't Talk With Often At The Beginning Of Chats

Beep. Hmm, someone's messaging me on Facebook.

Checks notification.

"Hey!!! How's life?"

Great, who is this person? "... Do I know you?"

"OMG F U MAN!!1!"

Okay, maybe the strangers messaging you weren't quite as hostile, but we've all been there. A stranger wants to chat, and now you're left contemplating how to respond.

Well, according to TechCrunch, Facebook Messenger is rolling out a way to help users better deal with this issue in France, India, the UK, and the US. Now when non-friends start a conversation, a brief bio will appear at the top of the chat. You will see their name, the city they've entered into their Facebook account, and any other biographical information they've made publicly available.

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Twitter Introduces Highlights, Daily Summaries Delivered Via Push Notifications

Twitter can be intimidating to new users. The same can be said for experienced users. A timeline is only as good as the content you follow, and even then, you may miss the good bits over the course of a day unless you commit to scrolling through every single tweet.

So the company is introducing Highlights, push notifications that put what's hopefully interesting content directly into your notification shade.

To determine what to send you, Twitter looks at what is popular among the people you follow, events trending in your area, and tweets from people you're close with.

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[Android 5.1 Feature Spotlight] You Can Now Change Alarm Volume From Inside The Clock App

Google has taken the lid off of Android 5.1, a minor update packed mostly with bug fixes, but that does little to remove the excitement that comes from seeing the 0 at the end of 5.0 turn into a 1. But some tweaks are included that edge over towards the new feature side of things. One such change is the ability to adjust alarm volume levels from inside the stock clock app.

To see this feature in action, just open Clock and hit your device's volume rocker. It doesn't matter which tab you're in.

AlarmVolume1 AlarmVolume2

Changing alarm volume in 5.1.

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Smart Lock Comes To Chrome OS Stable, Can Automatically Unlock Chromebooks When Paired With A Phone Running Android 5.0

The Smart Lock feature that has been slowly cooking in the Chrome OS dev and beta channels has made its way into the latest stable release, version 40. Now anyone with a phone running Android 5.0 or later (sorry, no tablets) can automatically unlock their Chromebook just by keeping the two devices within 100 feet of each other.

You can find the option tucked away under advanced settings. In this shot I've scrolled the area to the top and have already turned things on.

Screenshot 2015-01-29 at 3.30.03 PM

Smart Lock is still in beta, but so far it works-ish. I find the feature to be amusing in practice.

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