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Google Keep for Android Wear gets a new UI, removes shortcut to open a note on your phone

Google Keep for Android Wear has made a significant jump from version 2.0.08 to 4.1.091. Along with this jump comes a new design that makes note actions easier to get to, though it does remove one neat feature that I often used.

To start, it's not clear to us whether this is the first proper Android Wear 2.0 APK for Keep or not. From the changelog's wording, it seems like the app is just now being directly distributed on the Play Store to Wear watches instead of the APK coming from the Keep app on your phone - the fact that it's now become compatible with iOS lends credence to that, but again, we're not 100% sure.

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[Update: New options too] Speedtest v4.0 rolls out with brand new app design

Speedtest is the app we turn to when we either want to brag about our awesome new fiber super-mega-ultra fast connection or we want to make sure our connection is being really crappy and not our devices behaving badly. The app has looked pretty much the same for as long as I've known it, but it is getting a much needed revamp now in version 4.

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Snapchat updates design with increased focus on friends

The Snapchat app has always been a horrendous lag-fest on Android. Users have been asking the company for years to improve the experience, but only when its earnings began to plummet did Snap Inc finally decide to fix it. Today, the company announced an updated design for Snapchat, but this isn't the all-new Android app we've have been waiting for.

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Google Home brings complete redesign with Discover and Browse bottom tabs [APK Download]

Google is gearing up for tomorrow's Pixel event and one of the first hints of everything we've got coming our way is a redesign of the Google Home app that seems to be rolling with the new version We're seeing it on all of our devices so this doesn't seem to be a sever-side test.

First, upon launching the app, you'll notice a new animation of squares and circles and triangles in Google's traditional yellow, green, red, and blue colors, interspersed with a little grey. It looks nice and you'll notice that the app now has two tabs on the bottom: Discover and Browse.

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The Tesla app hits v3, brings an overhauled design, fingerprint authentication, and easy access to frequently-used controls

Tesla has the perfect companion for your automotive technological marvel, allowing you to communicate with your vehicle at any time or place. If you happen to be one of the lucky owners of a Roadster, Model S, or X, be looking for this update — you're really going to want to. It brings a completely new design as well as fingerprint authentication for using keyless driving.

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