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Google Play Store is rolling out new darker colors, question cards in reviews, and testing a few more changes

The Google Play Store has been undergoing a major redesign over the past months. We've seen it (slooooowly) don a whiter color in many of its pages and spotted a new UI for reviews, but several screens remained untouched. That's changing now, as new darker accent colors are rolling out for each section, question cards are popping up when you leave a review, and a few other modifications are being tested.

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Huawei announces four striking new P20 and P20 Pro colors, including two leather options

Huawei's P20 is known for being available in some refreshingly funky color schemes. It launched in a few different colors, including the eye-catching Twilight variant, which has a color-changing finish that shifts from blue to purple to green depending on the lighting. Now, the P20 is getting four new non-traditional finishes: two more iridescent models, and two sporting leather.

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Amazon Introduces More Colors And A 16GB Storage Option For The 7-Inch Fire Tablet

Amazon Fire tablets are not devices geared towards stock Android-loving enthusiasts with an unquenchable thirst for whatever they can get from Google Play. They're more casual devices aimed at people who enjoy a simpler experience and Amazon services. New models are also very cheap—buy six for $250 cheap. The 8GB 7-inch tablet starts at $49.99.

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Verizon Will Offer The HTC One M8 In Glamour Red And Amber Gold Starting June 5th

HTC's flagship phones are well known for their all-metal design, but that's not the only element that contributes to their style. Like its contemporaries, the M8 knows how to put on a new coat of paint. In just two days, Verizon Wireless will start offering the slick handset in a glamorous shade of red and an attention-grabbing shade of gold.


Since Father's Day isn't far off, Verizon's willing to part with any phone priced at $199.99 or higher (with a two-year contract) for $100 off. This includes the HTC One M8 in both of its new colors, along with the pre-existing shades of silver and gray that might just be more dad-friendly.

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