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[Deal Alert] New Balance RunIQ smartwatch is $199 ($100 off) from NB

At the start of this year, New Balance unveiled its RunIQ smartwatch powered by Android Wear. It went on sale in February for $299.99, and as you might expect from NB, it was designed primarily as an activity tracker. Now you can get it for a whopping $100 off from New Balance's website.

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Comparison: All of the Android Wear devices announced or released in 2017 so far

Android Wear started off, as many Google products do, as something closer to a proof-of-concept than a finished product. The first watches had problems, the software was unfinished, and tech companies were the only ones producing them. Now that Android Wear is becoming a more mature platform, mostly thanks to the long-awaited 2.0 update, we're starting to see more watches than ever hit the market.

It was fairly easy to compare Android Wear watches in years past - only a handful of tech companies even bothered. But now, a vast amount of wearables are being released, with most of them by actual watch companies.

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Android Wear 2.0 coming to the New Balance RunIQ "no later than April 14"

New Balance's first Android Wear watch, the RunIQ, was originally announced at the start of 2017 and released about a month later. It was already confirmed to receive Android Wear 2.0, but owners were left wondering when it was actually going to happen. New Balance has confirmed the watch will get the update "no later than April 14, 2017."

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