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Adobe announces Photoshop Camera with 'AI-powered' filters

Adobe has announced a new app in Photoshop Camera. As its name implies, Camera leverages Adobe's image processing chops to apply effects to photos in real time, ostensibly circumventing the need to use the company's other software to add them after the fact.

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Tor Browser gets first stable release on Android

Last year, the Tor Project began working on a new browser for Android. Of course, it was possible to connect to Tor on Android with Orbot/Orfox, but the Tor Browser is a fully integrated package. Now, you can try the first stable release (v8.5) of the Tor Browser on Android.

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Waymo app comes to the Play Store, but you probably still can't use it

Waymo grew out of the self-driving car project at Google X, but it's now a separate company under the Alphabet umbrella. Waymo's service still isn't available to everyone, but it's in semi-open trials in the Phoenix area. Now, those testers can get the Waymo app from the Play Store.

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Xiaomi's Mint Launcher comes to the Play Store, but it's not available on any phones yet [APK Download]

Xiaomi has its own distinct style that can be a big adjustment for anyone used to a different version of Android. The company has moved closer to the Android mainstream as its international business has grown, launching phones like the Poco F1. That device sported a new launcher, and it looks like Xiaomi has decided to make it into a full-fledged app on the Play Store. The new Mint Launcher listing is up, but it won't install on any phones yet. Don't worry—we've got an APK for you.

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Chainfire's new Hidey Hole app collects Galaxy S10 hole punch wallpapers from Reddit

You probably know Chainfire from his work on SuperSU, which he stepped away from last year. Chainfire's latest project isn't quite as complex, but it is pretty timely. The Galaxy S10 launch has spawned a community dedicated to making wallpapers that celebrate the hole punch display, and Chainfire's Hidey Hole app puts all those wallpapers in one place.

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Google and CERN partnered to create the new Big Bang AR app

No one was there to watch the Big Bang happen, but you can catch a replay of all the action with a new app from CERN and Google. The Big Bang AR app turns the world around you into nothing, which then becomes everything. And no, this has nothing to do with that silly TV show.

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Samsung releases Experience app for Galaxy S10

So, you probably don't have a Galaxy S10 yet. Maybe you're anxiously waiting for a pre-order to ship or you're on the fence about ordering Samsung's latest (very expensive) phone. In either case, you might be interested in Samsung's new Experience app for Galaxy S10. It's not the same as actually using a Galaxy S10, but it might give you the gist.

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ActionDash, from the developer of Action Launcher, brings Digital Wellbeing features to any phone

Google soft-launched Digital Wellbeing with Android Pie, but it's still only available on a few phones. If you're sick of waiting, developer Chris Lacy has launched a new app that brings similar features to any Android phone. ActionDash tracks how you use your phone like Digital Wellbeing, but it includes more goodies like a dark mode, daily summaries, data backup, and more.

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Hands-on: Popular to-do manager Moleskine Actions comes to Android in select countries

As long-term Android users know all too well, it's common for trendy apps to hit iOS first. We get them on Android later, sometimes with some platform-specific tweaks. After making an impression on iPhone, Molskine Actions (like the notebooks) has finally come to Android, but you can only download it in a few countries right now.

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Internet TV service Philo now has an Android TV app

Internet TV services like Sling and YouTube TV are increasingly popular alternatives to cable. They don't do a whole lot of good unless you can actually watch them on your television, though. If you've got an Android TV device, you now have one more option: Philo.

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