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New WWE Network App Hits The Play Store With All The Sweaty Live And On-Demand Body Slams Your Android TV Can Handle

Okay, TV viewers. If you like watching overly muscle-y men and women wear skimpy clothing and ridiculous outfits while they fondle each other angrily, listen up. The WWE Network app is now out for Android TV.

This Android app lets you view all of the programming you would expect from the network. This means live feeds and on-demand content, including the substantial archive of angry flesh-on-flesh action from decades of WWE, ECW, and WCW. You also get access to all pay-per-views as they happen. Then there's the behind the scenes footage that fleshes out just who these deep, complex actors really are—or kind of are.

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The New JustWatch Android App Lets You See Which TV Shows And Movies Are Streaming Where

Don't think I'll find where a show is available online? Just watch me. There's an app or two for that, and now that JustWatch has brought its search engine to Android and iOS, there's another one. And it's capable of searching through Amazon Instant Video, Crackle, HBO Now, Hulu, iTunes, Netflix, Play Movies, PlayStation, Showtime, Vudu, Xbox, and a couple other online streaming services.

JustWatch1 JustWatch2 JustWatch3

JustWatch's grid layout looks like those of the services it interacts with, and it feels like a natural companion, like the modern-day equivalent of a TV guide. You can create a watchlist without having to create an account or provide any credentials.

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Sling Media Releases Free* Versions Of Its SlingPlayer TV Streaming Apps

Sling Media, not to be mistaken for Sling TV (which licenses the name to offer a separate service), produces a series of set-top boxes called Slingboxes capable of taking what's on your TV and streaming it to your mobile device. From there you can flip through channels using a virtual remote control regardless of whether you're on Wi-Fi or a cellular connection.

In addition to a Slingbox, you need the corresponding Android app to get everything to work. There's a separate version for phones and tablets, both of which cost $15. Except now Sling Media has produced a free version of each.

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Facebook's New Ad Manager App For Android Lets You Peddle Your Wares Across The Social Network Using Your Phone

Facebook is free because it makes its money off ads, otherwise known as the attempts to sell you things based off all the personal information you and your friends pump into the social network. Well, those ads don't just pop up out of the nothingness of the web. Someone creates and pays for them. Now with Facebook's latest app, said someones can do that from their mobile devices.


The Facebook Ad Manager is aimed at small and medium business owners who want to reach out to the people in their areas. It provides the tools to see how many people an ad reaches and whether anyone clicked.

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Official Tour De France 2015 App (For US) Is Here, $20 Buys You Live Streams And Other Access

People have been hopping on bikes and racing around France for over a century. Okay, they may have been doing it for even longer, but this year marks the 102nd time they will call it the Tour de France. If you live in the US and want to stream the action on your Android device, NBC has released an official app into the Play Store just for you.

NBC says its mobile app will provide live video coverage from every stage and full replays. There's a map you can use to track the action, or you can just use the app to track results if you don't have time.

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At Last, Standard Amazon Cloud Drive App Comes To The Company's Appstore And Google Play

Amazon has taken its sweet time bringing its dedicated cloud storage solution to Android devices. Amazon Cloud Drive Photos has been around since 2012, but that was a photo-specific product that came years after Dropbox, to name one competitor, was already letting mobile users back up whatever they want. Amazon Cloud Player Music launched in 2011, but again, that just stored audio files.

It is only now in 2015 that Amazon has made a non-specialized Cloud Drive app available for Android. This should make that unlimited storage all the more tempting.

CloudDrive1 CloudDrive2 CloudDrive3

Amazon may be playing catch up, but it appears to have made a decent effort to provide a good Android experience.

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The Colbr App From CBS Provides Video Clips And Audio Podcasts In Anticipation Of Stephen Colbert's September 8th 'The Late Show' Debut

After a nearly decade-long run, The Colbert Report is over. I know, Colbert Nation, this news is still sad half a year after the final episode. Stephen Colbert has decided to move on and will take over for David Letterman as the new host for CBS's The Late Show. And no, he won't be the satirical conservative that Americans all across the ideological spectrum found reason to love—though he will still be pretty goofy.

The Late Show with Stephen Colbert won't debut until September 8th, so we still have three months of waiting left to do. In the meantime, CBS has pushed a mobile app into the Play Store to hold us over.

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BitTorrent Launches Shoot, A QR-Based Way To Quickly Send Files To Other Mobile Devices

Your options for moving files on Android devices continue to get better. Earlier today Pushbullet unveiled Portal, an easy QR-based way to exchange files between your phone/tablet and PC using your local wireless network. A few hours later, BitTorrent Sync has released Shoot, a different QR-based way to move things from one mobile device to another.

Shoot is simple. You tap 'send' on your device, have the recipient scan the QR code that appears on your screen, and then watch as the transfer starts. The app works on Android, iOS, and Windows Phone, so you should be able to send something to pretty much anyone you know with a smartphone.

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Mozilla Makes A Beta Version Of Webmaker For Android Available To Download From Google Play

Mozilla is a champion of the web, and a core part of its mission has been supplying the open source Firefox browser. These days competitors like Chrome are eroding at its userbase, but they're doing so using many of the bullet points Mozilla emphasized—open source underpinnings, customization through add-ons, and speed.

Now Mozilla is pursuing its mission statement in other ways. One of the more well-known efforts would be the push to develop and sell Firefox phones. Another would be the lesser-known Webmaker initiative that empowers more people create material for the web and mobile devices. A beta version has made its way onto Google Play.

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Screen Recording App 'Kamcord' Now Lets You Share Your Best And Worst Gaming On Android

The kids these days love watching videos of other kids playing video games. They're hooked. It doesn't matter if the title is Minecraft, Skyrim, or Five Nights at Freddy's—if someone out there is willing to record their gameplay, someone else is willing to watch.

Kamcord simplifies the process of doing this on mobile devices. If you want to record your game, you can do so without going back to edit the seconds you spent switching between Goatz and your screen recording app. Kamcord specifically targets gameplay footage.

Kamcord1 Kamcord2

The app can record all games on devices running Android 5.0 or higher.

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