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TeamViewer Splits Samsung Support Off Into Two New Apps

Samsung was the first OEM to get native TeamViewer remote control support. The necessary support for Samsung devices had been included with the TeamViewer app ever since, but things are a little different following the latest update. There are now two new apps for Samsung phones, a host and a standard quick support app.

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Google's New Accessibility Scanner Helps Developers Check Their Apps For Accessibility Issues

Developers, we know you work hard on your apps. So does Google. But they also know that sometimes it's hard to make apps easy to use when you're elbow deep in their design. To that end, the new Accessibility Scanner app allows you to check other apps for potential problems or possible improvements in terms of accessibility. It's a free download in the Play Store, but at the moment it looks like it's limited to Android 6.0 devices.

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PlayStation Video Now Streams Movies And TV Shows To Android Devices

Sony makes PlayStations. It's also a huge movie and music production company. In 2012 the company offered the Sony Entertainment Network as a means of giving PlayStation owners something to watch and listen to that didn't involve a third-party like Netflix. It was also available in countries that competitors like Hulu didn't support.

That platform eventually turned into the PlayStation Network, with the video portion becoming PlayStation Video. Now an Android app has made its way into the Play Store that provides access to the same content.

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Federal Aviation Administration Releases B4UFLY App For Android Users With Drones And Model Planes

A small plane is still a plane, and here in the US, that leaves them under the jurisdiction of the Federal Aviation Administration. Someone flying a drone or model plane in restricted airspace can find themselves on the wrong side of the law. Or worse, they can cause real problems for larger aircraft transporting people.

To make things better for everyone, the FAA has released a mobile app, B4UFLY, that shows if there are any restrictions or requirements in your area.

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[APK Download] Mr. Robot-Approved ProtonMail Gets An Official Android App, But For Some Reason It's Incompatible With Everything

Since Game of Thrones seems to revel in jerking us around and House of Cards is now disturbingly close to believable, USA's cyberpunk drama Mr. Robot is Android Police's pick for cable TV binge-watching. While it's not so deep in its own hacker lore that it's incomprehensible to the layman, it's surprisingly accurate in its realistic and often low-tech methods of showing hacking and counter-hacking techniques. One of those techniques is using ProtonMail, an encrypted email service that makes FBI analysts shake their fists like cartoon villains.

image (1) image (2) image (3)

Considering that ProtonMail claims over a million users for its secure email system, it's kind of amazing that it took them this long to create an Android mail client.

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'Universal Copy' Can Copy Text Fields In Apps That Don't Let You Copy And Paste Natively

It's the little things that can turn into big things that mess up a person's mood. Let's say you're trying to copy and paste an offer that popped up in Google Play Music, but you can't because the app doesn't let you. Retyping all of that information instead qualifies as annoying.

A new app called Universal Copy offers somewhat of a workaround. The app uses Android's built-in Accessibility settings to give you the ability to copy text in apps that otherwise don't let you.

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VHS Camcorder App Enters The Play Store So You Can Record Crappy Video Like It's The 80s

I grew up in the 90s. We recorded home videos using a camcorder, and even looking at the footage on our fat, pre-HD TV, the picture quality left much to be desired.

But now that we have crisp 1080p recordings on flatscreen TVs, iOS users have flocked to the VHS Camcorder app as a way to recreate static-y, warped-looking footage from two or three decades ago.

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Peach, The Cool Social Networking App That Doesn't Have A News Feed, Comes To Android

You might think that the field is too crowded for people to make more social networks, and you would be wrong. Peach debuted at this year's CES as an iOS-only messaging app that sought to differentiate itself from the Facebooks and the Twitters of the world. Instead, it's more of an instant messenger. And now it's available for Android.

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Popular Photo Storage App 'Everalbum' Hovers Over To Android With Unlimited Image Backups

Smartphones have replaced digital cameras as the primary way millions of people take photos. But these days, many devices don't let users pop in a microSD card to store their photos as they would on a dedicated device. Companies have come up with an alternative solution by letting you upload and store your images on their servers.

Apple has iCloud, and Google has Google Photos. Dropbox, Microsoft, and most any other service that lets you back up files remotely will gladly host all of your photos too. Flickr is an option that's dedicated exclusively to your photos, and so is Everalbum.

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Kickstarter Launches Official Android App—Hopefully Future Updates Aren't Stretch Goals

Here's an idea. Tell me if I should get it crowdfunded. We'll create an Android app for Kickstarter. Wait, before you scoff, hear me out. This way you don't have to fiddle around with opening the site in a browser or opting to sit down at a laptop instead. As soon as you get the urge to throw your money at a project, you can do so.

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