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Dropbox gives Evernote some competition with Paper, now in beta on the Play Store

Cloud storage and reminder apps seem to go together naturally - Evernote and Google Keep both have some basic attachment tools, and they share collaborative elements with things like Dropbox and Drive. Today Dropbox is trying to bring it all together with Paper, the company's first new app in quite a while. It's up on the Play Store in beta form, and like the primary storage app, it's free to download and use.

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Prisma photo filter app now out of beta and available to all on the Play Store

Prisma, a new photo app that's been quite popular over on iOS, was in beta on Android and then transitioned to a non-functional state before we could even report on it. But that's okay: it's out of beta now and on the Play Store. The app applies a series of "artistic" filters to users' photos, then allows them to share on Facebook, Instagram, or the other usual suspects via the Android share menu. Prisma is free and available on Android 4.1 and up.

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[Update: Winners] Cinemute makes sure your phone never goes off at the theater, and we have 100 codes to give away

When I go to the cinema, one of the things I hate the most is people using their phones. You've paid good money (I live in the UK so have no idea on the cost in the US, but I'm told $12 is around average) to see this movie, and you can't even be bothered to turn your phone off. Even more annoying is when someone's phone rings in the middle of the movie. Luckily, we've got a giveaway for an app that should go some way to fixing this issue...

Cinemute, from developer NorthShore Digital, mutes your phone when in a movie theater, then restores the original ringer level when you leave.

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TraffickCam app fights human trafficking with crowdsourced photos of hotel rooms

Each year in the US, it's estimated that somewhere between ten and twenty thousand people are victims of human trafficking, mostly for some form of prostitution or abusive labor. A disproportionate amount of these victims are women, children, and immigrants. Law enforcement agencies and non-profit groups all over the country attempt to stop the trade of human lives, but the clandestine nature of the operators and the cooperation of apparently legitimate businesses makes actual tracking and prosecution difficult, and only a tiny fraction of the estimated victims are freed.

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Flamingo Is A Beta Material Design Twitter Client From The Maker Of Weather Timeline

There's no shortage of Twitter clients for Android, even if Twitter itself keeps trying to kill them and then back out of it. The latest comes from Sam Ruston, the developer of Weather Timeline, which has been praised both by Android Police and the higher powers at Google itself. Flamingo is a standard Twitter client that almost slavishly follows the Material Design guidelines. It's available in the Play Store for a dollar with no in-app purchases.

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Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson's Rock Clock App Has The Objectively Best Alarm Tones Ever, No IAPs

Dwayne Johnson, AKA The Rock, may be the most likeable man in the universe. And now he has an alarm clock app that, above all else, perpetuates this, because he's The Rock. You may say, "David, what makes this so much better than my amazing alarm clock app that I already have?" To which I would answer: this one contains nearly infinitely more Dwayne Johnson. And Dwayne Johnson does not do "snooze" buttons.

One of the alarm tones is just Johnson saying "beep, beep, beep." This may sound boring, but it is, in fact, objectively amazing. Another begins with a soft, typical-morning-wake-up harp ringtone, followed by The Rock smashing said harp, and then shouting "JABRONI!" You cannot make this up.

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Google Releases Fiber App For Managing Accounts, Configuring Wi-Fi, Checking Speeds, And More

Account management apps aren't the most exciting pieces of software. Reading about one is liable to be even less interesting when you can't even get the service in your area. I understand. Having to write about Google Fiber when I can't get it doesn't feel much better.

But those of you in Fiber cities deserve coverage too.

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Logitech Harmony App Arrives For Android TV [APK Download]

There are many ways to go about building your own smart home. The easy approach is to buy a hub and look for products that are compatible. Logitech makes one of those hubs.

If you've embraced the Logitech Harmony approach to controlling your home, you now have one more way to manage everything. Logitech has released an Android TV app into the Play Store.

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LinkedIn Tries To Get College Kids Hooked Early With The LinkedIn Students App

College students: don't sign up for LinkedIn. Please. It's easily the worst social network on the block, career-focused structure notwithstanding. LinkedIn is the 21st century version of the Columbia House Record Club... not that any of you are old enough to remember it. However, at some point you might find that you're forced to create a profile and start playing the most boring MMO on the planet. If you've resigned yourself to such a fate, then I suppose LinkedIn Students isn't such a terrible place to start.

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Gesture-Based Photo Organizer 'Slidebox' Swipes Into The Play Store

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Managing photos isn't a new problem. Smartphones may provide us with a camera in our pockets all the time, but we've had to wrestle with how to store photographs since we started taking them. We've crammed pictures into photo albums and transferred images off digital cameras using USB cables. These days we're trying to figure out the best way to manage photos on touchscreen devices that let us take and store so many.

Slidebox is one the latest options to pop up in the Play Store.

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