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WhatsApp+ Developer Releases Telegram+ After Being Forced To Drop The First Project

The developer who was forced to pull WhatsApp+ after receiving a cease and desist letter from the folks at WhatsApp (cough, Facebook) is at it again. Now that talent is going over to Telegram. The developer has decided to release an enhanced version of the instant messenger by the name of Telegram+.


Telegram is an instant messaging service that emphasizes speed and privacy. It encourages developers to create third party apps utilizing its open API and protocol.

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Prezi's New Android App Zooms Into The Play Store Raring To View Your Presentations

When I was in high school, we were taught how to use PowerPoint. Before I graduated from college, Prezi presentations were starting to feel just as commonplace. The latter allowed students to create lively, zoom-able slideshows online and access them from wherever they could connect to Wi-Fi. Starting now, they will be able to access them from their Android devices as well.

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Jump Rope Wear Counter Tracks Your Jumps, Integrates Sessions With Google Fit

Android Wear devices come with accelerometers, gyroscopes, and heart rate monitors so that when wearers do active things, the devices can at least attempt to track what's going on. Jump Rope Wear Counter is an Android Wear app that tries to count your jumps while jumping rope, display how many calories you've burned, and sync the information to Google Fit. For the most part, it works.


There isn't really much to Jump Rope Wear Counter, but after trying it out for a bit, I can confirm that it's mostly accurate.

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IFTTT Android App Becomes IF—Joined By New 'Do' Button, Camera, And Note Apps

IFTTT is changing things up. The company has renamed its existing Android app to IF, leaving us to wonder what happened to the This Then That part of the formula. Functionality-wise, nothing. The app is largely the same as it was before, but it's now joined by three companions that are all focused on DOing. More on them in a second.


Do Button, Do Camera, and Do Note take IFTTT's trademark approach of combining different services together to create desirable automated outcomes and channel it into more specific directions.

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Branchfire Updates Popular iAnnotate PDF Viewer With New Play Store Listing, Asks Users To Get Off Old Version

Adobe's proprietary PDF format isn't much fun to work with on any platform, but marking up and editing those documents on Android is a particularly poor experience. Developer Branchfire has offered an Android version of its iAnnotate app for a little over two years, but it hasn't been met with the same acclaim as the iOS version, probably thanks to a clunky interface and missing features. Apparently the company wanted a clean break with the latest update, because the app has been moved to a new Play Store listing and reverted to a 1.0 release.

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Push Tasker Is A Straightforwardly-Named Plugin That Expands On What Pushbullet And Tasker Can Do Together

Push Tasker is an extension that takes two of the most Android-y apps out there and teaches them how to build a better relationship. The first half of the name refers to Pushbullet, a particularly stellar way to get stuff from one device to another. The second half deals with Tasker, the tool of choice for Android users who want to automate all the things. The two already know how to interact with one another, but this plugin turns things up a notch.

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Space Sketchr By Left Field Labs Lets You Doodle With Project Tango, And It's Pretty Impressive To Watch

Google's Project Tango, which enables users to manipulate objects i a 3D virtual space using sensors and a motion-tracking camera, has already been used to do cool things. NASA has worked to incorporate Tango into autonomous, space-aware robots. Limbic has integrated it with its popular Zombie Gunship franchise, requiring players to physically maneuver above the zombies they're trying to rain munitions down upon. Now a team based in Venice, California has developed an app that lets you create sketches and physically move around them.

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Peak Game-Focused Brain Training App Comes To Android, Makes Us Wish Conditioning The Rest Of Our Body Was This Easy

Brain training sounds like a mundane exercise, but a steady wave of sites and apps wants us to think of those words as anything but (we all know about this one). Each promises that you can improve your mental capacity in some way through a combination of puzzles and games.

Peak fits into this mold. The bright and colorful app has attracted a significant following over on Apple's mobile platform since its launch in September, with millions of downloads spread across two dozen countries.

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VLC For Android Gets A New Play Store Listing For Version 1.0, Original App Regains Beta Status

Following the Android version of popular media app Video LAN Client, better known as VLC, is getting a little tricky. The Android build officially exited its beta status a couple of months ago, but now it's been split into two separate apps on the Play Store.

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Reserve Concierge Service Comes To Android To Take Your Reservation And Bring You Your Check

I'm going to assume that you've never heard of Reserve, because unless you live in Boston, Los Angeles, New York, or San Francisco, there hasn't been much of a reason for the product to enter your radar. The concierge service lets people in these four cities pick a place to eat, reserve a table, and pay for the food all from a single app. It's cool, and now it's available on Android.

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