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Barclaycard US, 58 other banks add support for Android Pay

Google's Android Pay team is keeping the momentum going, with support for 59 more banks added. While most of the banks in question are regional banks hailing from Texas and other southwestern states, the most nationally known is likely Barclayscard US. This update brings the total number of participating banks to 1,131.

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Android Pay adds 11 new banks, offers more detail on support for Synchrony

Android Pay has grown substantially since the original launch to cover all the major banks in the US. However, there are a lot of small banks and credit unions. It's hard to even believe there are so many, but here we are with yet another list of new financial institutions. There's a twist this time, though. Google has also provided additional details on which Synchrony private label cards are supported by Android Pay.

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17 new banks were just added to Android Pay

Android Pay launched with just a handful of financial institutions, but the list has since grown to cover all the big banks and a substantial number of smaller ones. It's not over yet, though. Google just added 17 new banks and credit unions to the list, most of which will probably be unfamiliar to you.

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Next batch of Android Pay banks go live, Capital One included

The list of banks that support Android Pay continues to grow, with 31 US banks added this time around. As we already knew just under a week ago, Capital One now supports Android Pay, although as Ryan says in that post, the support is a little wonky with caveats and a weird verification process.

Like most US banks added in previous rounds, the other banks added appear to be small, community-based banks and some such. While they're not huge, it's good to see even more banks joining the list and supporting a fast-growing payment option for many in the US, and around the world as well.

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44 new Android Pay banks in the US, plus TSB in the UK

The Android Pay team is seemingly on a roll at the moment, adding many new banks over the past few months, including Chase in the US and Natwest, Santander, and Royal Bank of Scotland (among others) in the UK. Today 44 new US banks are being added, and another big UK bank works as well after being announced as 'coming soon' a week ago.

As far as I can tell, there are no major banks included in this round of additions. We've noted the full list below, so take a look if you're waiting on a particular bank to be added.

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