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OnePlus nearly doubles price of headphone adapter, OnePlus 7 Pro doesn't come with one

The OnePlus 7 Pro is (by most accounts) an excellent phone, but there are still shortcomings. Like most flagship smartphones these days, it doesn't have a headphone jack, but OnePlus has also decided not to include a Type-C adapter in the box. To make matters worse, the company has taken a page out of Apple's playbook and nearly doubled the price of the official adapter.

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Apple seeks $1 billion from Samsung at retrial for patent violations

Apple is seeking about $1 billion in damages from Samsung for the violation of five separate patents, three of which are design-related. Samsung isn't arguing that it didn't infringe on Apple's patents, but it is asking for a much smaller penalty: $28 million.

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[Never Settle] OnePlus found to be collecting personally identifiable analytics data from phone owners

Analytics data is important for any software project. The data can help developers figure out what features people use, what bugs need to be fixed, and what/where the target market is. OnePlus, in its never-ending mission to make itself the worst Android phone manufacturer on the planet, has been discovered collecting massive amounts of analytics data from phone owners. The collected data includes IMEI numbers, MAC addresses, mobile network names and IMSI prefixes, serial numbers, and more.

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Never settle: OnePlus keeps sending push notifications about ads and surveys to its devices

Advertisements have a time and a place, and the notification tray should be off limits. Several companies have shamefully used advertisement notifications before, including Samsung and HTC. OnePlus has had quite a few mishaps over the past few months, but that hasn't stopped the company from pushing ads and surveys to its own devices.

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Never Settle: OnePlus dodges questions on the company's Reddit AMA

After months of rumors, leaks, and hype, the OnePlus 5 was released earlier this month to mostly-positive reviews. However, the numerous missteps OnePlus has taken over the past years have put into question if the phone is worth the $479 asking price. Yesterday, OnePlus hosted an AMA ("Ask Me Anything") on Reddit to discuss the phone, but the end result wasn't pretty.

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Touchscreen Issues Are Still Plaguing The OnePlus One, And The Latest Problem Disables The Phone Completely

The OnePlus One is no stranger to touchscreen issues. Problems with inaccurate taps have been affecting some users almost since the initial release a year ago - the company has issued no less than seven different "fixes" for the problem across CyanogenMod S and Oxygen OS. The latest problem is easily the most glaring, and it's been documented by our own fearless leader Artem Russakovskii. Basically, the entire touchscreen seems to be shutting off randomly.

Artem isn't the only one experiencing this: his wife had the same issue shortly beforehand on her own OnePlus One. If you're wondering, he's running firmware version YNG1TAS2I3, and he had been using the phone outside (but not in any particularly intense heat) before seeing the problem crop up.

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OnePlus Is Super-Upset That Verizon Hijacked #NeverSettle, Wants You To Complain Loudly On Twitter For Some Reason

Hashtags are a really big deal, guys. You can't just lovingly craft a hashtag by combining two existing words, then let some other company take those words and start using them more effectively than you. Aw, hell no. OnePlus doesn't like that Verizon has been using the #NeverSettle slogan, and has called upon the demon hoards of the internet to tweet snarky things at Big Red so they can take it back. Brilliant!

2015-05-28 09_30_31-Take Back #NeverSettle -

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T-Mobile Launches Free Trial Program For Verizon Customers, Saying They Agree That You Should Never Settle

If nothing else, T-Mobile is America's top carrier for keeping things interesting. Responding to Verizon's recent ad campaign, which has the slogan "Never Settle," they say Verizon is right. According to T-Mobile, customers should not settle, which is why they should try out the "Uncarrier." To back up the claim, they are starting a promotional 14-day free trial period for any Verizon customer.

The "Never Settle Trial" will only be available from May 13 to May 31 and lasts for 14 days after sign-up. Verizon customers will cancel their existing service and trade in their current phone and in return will get a free activation from T-Mobile and no down payment on a GSM phone.

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[Never Settle] OnePlus Cancels Promised StyleSwap Covers For The One Due To Manufacturing Issues

OnePlus listed several features as notable when it announced the One in an unnecessarily drawn out fashion earlier this year. One of those items was the selection of StyleSwap covers. The battery in the OnePlus is non-removable, but the back was designed to be replaced with other finishes and materials. However, manufacturing issues have caused the company to cancel the StyleSwap covers completely after a long delay. OnePlus explains on its forums that this isn't settling—no, this is just "complicated decisions."


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