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The new Humble Mobile Bundle has nine great platformers, including Never Alone: Ki Edition, for $5

The Humble Bundles are always a great way to pick up a few games for a good price while kicking a bit of cash to charity. The latest Mobile Bundle combines nine different Android platformers together. For $5 you get nine games, plus any more that might be added to the bundle. If you don't have quite so much set aside for your app entertainment budget, you can also pay what you want over $1 to pick up three games or beat the average ($4.83 at the time of writing) to get three more.

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Never Alone comes to Android phones and tablets a year after Android TV release

I'm a big fan of atmospheric games that immerse you in their gameplay and story - Machinarium, The Wolf Among Us, and Lifeline are some of my favorites on Android. After being available on Android TV for almost a year, Never Alone, from developer Upper Line Games (published by E-Line Media) is now available on Android phones and tablets, and it looks like it's going to hit it out of the park.

Never Alone is based on Native Alaskan culture and experiences, with the Cook Inlet Tribal Council, a non-profit organization that works with indigenous people, assisting with development on the game.

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Half-Life 2: Episode 2 Comes To SHIELD, Along With A Handful Of Other Killer New Games

NVIDIA changed the landscape of Android gaming with the original SHIELD. And with that, came top-tier titles of recent years, like Valve favorites Portal and Half-Life 2. Since then, the company has released a slew of killer games specifically for SHIELD devices, including Half-Life 2: Episode One. Today, the saga continues with the third Half-Life game available for Android, Half-Life 2: Episode Two.

HL2: E2 (which is available exclusively for SHIELD Android TV) is joined by a handful of other kickass titles, all of which should be available today in Google Play. Here's a quick rundown, starting with the star of the show.

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