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Nexus 6 data outage fixed by Google, caused by GPS

After a few days of data connectivity hell for some Nexus 6 owners, it seems that Google corrected the issue on the back end. Comments on a post in the r/Nexus6 subreddit indicate that most people have had their LTE data connection restored by this fix; however, many are reporting that they addressed it themselves by changing the APN settings or by updating their Google Connectivity Services through the Play Store.

As of now, it is unclear how exactly the issue was solved, but a Google employee named Orrin (u/GoogleNexusCM) posted an update on both r/Nexus6 and the Nexus Help Forum on Google's Product Forums.

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[Update: Resolved] Some Nexus 6 owners report data outages on T-Mobile

The Nexus 6 isn't exactly a smash hit of a device - between a niche target audience, an unusually large form factor, and a high initial retail price, it hasn't gotten the same warm reception as some other designs in the line. But there are still plenty of Android faithful using "Shamu," and more than a few of them using it on T-Mobile... including multiple Android Police writers. Since the beginning of August, a considerable number of those N6 users on T-Mobile have been experiencing serious connection issues.

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[Updated x4: More Info] Verizon's 4G LTE Network Is Down, Devices Left Without Data Connectivity Across The Nation... Again

It seems like this is becoming a weekly habit, doesn't it? Big Red 4G LTE devices across the nation are once again without data services (mine included).


It appears that this just happened, so there's no word from VZW as to when we can expect data services to be restored. We'll keep you posted on any new information as it comes along; until then, I hope you're around a Wi-Fi network.

Update: Some users are reporting that 3G is still working, while many others are reporting no data whatsoever.

Update x2: Verizon is aware of the issue and had this to say:

We are investigating reports of some customers experiencing trouble accessing the 4GLTE network.

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