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Netflix Announces Its Mobile Data Saver Feature, Will Make It Available To Everyone In May

Netflix has been testing a mobile data saver option in its settings to limit the app's bandwidth usage on a data connection. We spotted it a couple of weeks ago, but as it turns out, the feature had been intermittently showing up for many users before that. Now the company is ready to make the option official.

Netflix explained on its blog that it's been testing the data saver and hasn't noticed any major issues with it. The feature caps the bitrate over mobile networks to 600kbps, which should be enough for a good stream quality and resolution on mobile devices, while not causing any excessive data usage.

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[Update: Beta Pulled, Data Saver Unrelated] Netflix Gets A Beta Channel With Mobile Data Saver And Google Play Billing (Soon)

There's a new version of Netflix in the Play Store, but it's not rolling out to everyone. You'll only get the latest v5.1 build if you join the new Netflix Play Store beta. Netflix is kicking off its beta with some cool features including a mobile data saver.

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Netflix 4.3 Update Delivers A Brighter Experience For Kids Using Android Tablets

Netflix is filled to the brim with shows people want to watch, including children. Thing is, the default experience is pretty dark, and that remains the case if you sign into the kid portion. The little ones may be flipping through pictures of Curious George and The Land Before Time, but they're doing so against a dark backdrop of black and red.

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Netflix Will Block Proxies That Let Users Access Movies And TV Shows Not Available In Their Home Countries

Netflix is one of those American services that people in other countries are intensely jealous of if they can't get it. And with such a wide variety of TV shows (and at least a few dozen movies, too) for a few bucks a month, who could blame them? But now that Netlfix has expanded to literally hundreds of new countries and territories, there's no need to look longingly at the US anymore... or to use any of the elaborate web proxy workarounds to get access to the service outside of supported areas.

Now that Netflix has made its big international push, they're working on cutting down on that proxy use.

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Netflix For Android TV Update Adds Smart Lock Capability - No More Slow Password Typing

Android's Smart Lock is a great way to save a little hassle when users are around familiar locations or connected devices. The default system version of the feature skips the lockscreen when the phone or tablet detects that it's in a safe location, and last year Google did much the same thing for apps, essentially turning Smart Lock into a password manager for supported applications. While Netflix has supported this feature for months on its standard Android app, the latest update to the Android TV version brings it in line.

To see Smart Lock in action, make sure that you already have your Netflix username and password saved in Smart Lock on a phone or tablet - if it's been a while, you may need to log out on your phone, then log back in and enable the Smart Lock feature when it appears.

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Netflix Goes Global: Now Available Everywhere Except China, North Korea, Crimea, And Syria

This is HUGE. It might be the best news to come out of CES this year. Scratch that. It is the best news to come out of CES this year. Not just because it affects the way millions of people could potentially enjoy and experience TV and movies, but because it proves that when a company has enough clout and will, it can make licensing arrangements globally instead of tiptoeing around each country's policies and agencies.

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Netflix 4.1 Update Delivers Option To Call Support Directly From The App

Netflix is a pretty straightforward service, but sometimes things go wrong. Whether it's trouble with accounts, billing, or stuff failing to stream despite a strong Internet connection, occasionally folks need to ask for help.

The latest update lets you place calls directly inside of the app. This was a feature we saw listed as "coming soon" in a previous changelog.

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Samsung Launches New Promos For Samsung Pay ($200 Samsung Gift Card) And The Tab S2 (1 Year Of Netflix)

Samsung is cranking up the promotions this holiday season, which is great if you already have or are planning to get select Galaxy devices. Signing up for Samsung Pay can net you $200 to blow on Samsung products (this one is football-themed for some reason), and a Tab S2 can keep you streaming with a free year of Netflix. As usual, many, many restrictions apply.

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Netflix App Update 4.0 Adds A Homescreen Widget, For Some Reason [APK Download]

Have you ever been so excited to watch Netflix's collection of movies, shows, and original content that you simply couldn't wait to get into the app itself before you start to browse? Apparently someone on the development team thinks so, because the latest version of the Android app (posted to APK Mirror earlier this evening) includes a homescreen widget. It's similar to the Play Store widgets, in that its only real purpose is to highlight some of the content on the service.

The widget is 5x5 in its unmodified state, though it reformats its triple-pane display with surprising grace as you enlarge or shrink it with your launcher's resizing tools.

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[Deal Alert] The First Season Of Six Different Children's Shows Including 'Bo On The Go' And 'Animal Mechanicals' Free On Google Play [US Only]

Netflix is a great resource for parents wanting to occasionally entertain their kids with some educational shows without all the crappy Skylander commercials. There is just one issue – the content is only available when you have an active internet connection.

Which, in the days of broad LTE and WiFi coverage, is an easy thing to take for granted. That is, until you board a five-hour flight with a toddler in your lap, seated between two people who are looking at your child with a mixture of disdain and loathing. You can see in their eyes that they are just waiting to criticize your parenting as soon as your kid starts to cry.

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