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Opera Max Now Supports Data Compression For Netflix And YouTube Video

Opera Max has been out for a while, and it's been helpful to those who find themselves running low on data each billing cycle. This app uses Opera's servers to compress web content and save bandwidth, but it can only do so much. The big consumer of data is video served over https, and Opera Max couldn't do anything about that until now. The latest version, however, adds support for automatic YouTube and Netflix compression.

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Hulu May Be Getting A Completely Commercial-Free Subscription Option This Fall - Could Cost $12-14 A Month

According to The Wall Street Journal, American TV streaming giant Hulu is considering launching a version of its service that will contain no commercials at all. The Journal's sources claim it will cost between $12 and $14 a month, and could launch as soon as this fall.

Hulu is jointly-owned by Fox, Disney, and Comcast (shiver) - companies with very heavily vested interests in the survival of the existing cable and satellite TV regimes. Why, then, would Hulu seek to cut more cables by offering an enticing ad-free subscription option? The answer is almost certainly growth. Netflix has more than seven times the number of subscribers as Hulu (to be fair, Netflix is offered in other countries).

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Netflix On The Web Is Getting A Brand New Look, The Rollout Begins Today

After paying a lot of attention to the mobile and connected TV experience, Netflix has announced a major overhaul of their browser interface. Before you sign in and get confused, today is just the beginning of the rollout, which they say will complete in a couple of weeks. Netflix bills this as the first major update in four years, though its look has certainly gone through several iterations over that time span. For a refresher, here's a side-by-side comparison of old and new (click to embiggen):

Fullscreen_6_15_15__2_30_PMNew_Netflix_Website_EN_png__PNG_Image__1600 × 988_pixels__-_Scaled__72__

Left: current/old Right: new

Orange is the new black? Maybe, but black is the new white.

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The Latest SHIELD Android TV Update Adds 4K Support For Photos & Videos App, Better GameStream Performance, And More

NVIDIA's SHIELD Android TV box has only been available for a few weeks, and it's already getting its over-the-air update. This one improves a handful of the SHIELD's app functions and its accessories. Notably, software build 1.2 enables 4K output in Google's Photos & Videos app, provided of course that you have a 4K TV to view them on. According to the changelog it also improves streaming performance for both Netflix and Google Play Movies.

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Netflix Will Expand To Italy, Portugal, And Spain In October 2015


Netflix' Update To 3.12.2 Adds Google Smart Lock Support

Google Smart Lock is one of the most practically useful features that have come out of the slew of announcements at I/O this year — allowing your device to associate your usernames and passwords for various apps and Chrome sites with your Google account so that you don't need to even bother with logging in when you want to use them.

Among Smart Lock's launch partners is Netflix, and the app's listing on the Play Store has been updated to include this functionality. Now when you install Netflix on a device with Smart Lock enabled (currently that's the M preview release and Lollipop devices where Google Play Services has enabled the feature), you will be asked if you want to save this password.

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Netflix For Android TV Now Supports 4K Shows And Dolby Digital Pass-Through On Compatible Devices

Are you ready to watch ALL THE PIXELS? You certainly are if you've got a fancy 4K TV - the new top-of-the-line industry standard is begging for content, and Netflix is at the front of the queue. The streaming service has been offering some of its home-grown shows like House of Cards and Daredevil in 4K resolution to subscribers of a premium $12-a-month plan. Now you can access that sweet "UltraHD" video on Android TV... if you've got compatible hardware.


At the moment, the only Android TV devices capable of outputting in 4K aren't Android TV devices at all, they're Sony's latest batch of high-end smart TVs, which use Google's latest set-top box as an embedded operating system.

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Netflix 2.0 For Android TV From Sony TV Works On The Nexus Player And Supports Dolby Digital Surround Sound [APK Download]

I don't have a Nexus Player, neither do I live in a country where Netflix is available, but I would have assumed that a movie and TV streaming app on a set-top box should support surround sound. By default. I mean, that's a given, isn't it? WRONG. So wrong. Couldn't be any more wrong. Netflix' official version for Android TV, 1.0.4 build 136, just plays sound in stereo, no Dolby in sight.

netflix-androidtv-dolby-surround-1 netflix-androidtv-dolby-surround-2

Screenshots courtesy of our tipster, Garrett

That bummer is now remedied thanks to the extracted Netflix 2.0 APK from Sony's Android TV. Thanks to the same XDA user brar.arsh who extracted the Amazon Instant File, we now have a newer version of Netflix that you can send to your Nexus Player.

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T-Mobile's Netflix Promotion For The Galaxy S6 Goes Live, Applies To Devices Bought Between Now And April 12th

Word got out earlier this week that T-Mobile would offer anyone who buys a Galaxy S6 or S6 Edge from them a free year of Netflix. That's a savings of over $100 and a pretty good deal, especially if you're already a Netflix customer.

Now the promotional page has gone live. If you head over to Samsung's website, you can sign up for the offer, though it says you must actually have the phone in hand before following the process through to completion. That's something you can't actually do until either model goes on sale.


Note, pre-orders will count, and the promotion includes devices purchased between now and April 12th.

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Netflix Launches In Australia With Prices Starting At A$8.99 A Month

Netflix has said it wants to expand its service to as much of the world as possible, and now the time has come for residents Down Under to fire up the streaming service. According to AusDroid, Netflix is now available in Australia,with streaming plans ranging from A$8.99 to A$14.99.


Image credit: AusDroid

The cheapest plan offers only standard definition streaming on a single screen, while the most expensive option supports 4K and streaming on up to four devices. In the middle, an A$11.99 plan supports HD on two pieces of hardware.

Netflix works on just about any Android device and essentially everything newer than a Game Boy, making it a pretty cheap way to watch shows on whatever you have lying around.

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