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Netflix hits one billion installs on the Play Store

With everyone holed up at home, Netflix has probably been getting a little more usage than usual. Those extra few downloads could have just tipped the app over one billion downloads on the Play Store, which is no small feat even for an app that comes pre-installed on some devices.

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Netflix undercuts its Basic plan with a cheaper Mobile+ offer

Netflix is trying to gain ground in India’s crowded and largely price-sensitive online streaming market. The global giant already runs a lengthy lineup of local programming and it recently started offering cheaper plans — costing as low as $3 — to draw more users. Keeping up with that approach, Netflix recently began testing a new Mobile+ plan, which sits right between the existing Mobile and Basic tiers.

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Netflix is finally available on the Nest Hub and Nest Hub Max

Smart Displays are handy devices, whether you place them in your kitchen to assist you while cooking, next to your bed to have a quick glance at the weather in the morning, or in your kid's room to watch YouTube videos while you change their diapers. Unfortunately, until now, they weren't able to play your favorite Netflix shows, but this wrong has now been righted, and you'll get to enjoy watching Netflix content right from your Nest Hub and Hub Max.

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NBC's new Peacock streaming service takes flight today

Netflix may be the top dog when it comes to paid video streaming subscriptions, but NBCUniversal has been hatching a new egg of its own in the form of Peacock, a new streaming service with free and paid plan options. It includes plenty of content from modern day TV comedies to classic movies. Today, Peacock is going live along with some introductory perks.

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Reelgood brings its streaming guide to Android TV

With more people staying at home and quarantining, streaming services have never been more popular. If you're like me and have subscribed to more services than you thought you did, you may be familiar with Reelgood. It's a guide that centralizes all of your streaming subscriptions so you can search and browse them in one place. What debuted as a web service, followed by apps on iOS and Android has led to the company's latest expansion, Android TV.

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Netflix confirms official HD support for ASUS ROG II, ZenFone 6, and new TCL phones

Not all Android devices can stream from Netflix at the same quality, the company is actually a little bit picky about it, certifying individual devices for different features. While the list sometimes lags a bit behind reality, Netflix now says that TCL's latest phones (the 10 Pro and 10L) are now HD-compatible, together with the Asus ROG II and ZenFone 6.

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Netflix may soon let you start watching shows that haven't finished downloading

Netflix has been around for a long time, and as such, it offers once of the best feature sets of any streaming service. Netflix has allowed users to download select shows and movies since 2016, but it seems to be working on a major improvement to this feature. As spotted by XDA during an app teardown, we may soon be able to start watching downloaded shows before the download is complete.

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ScreenHits TV wants be your one-stop video streaming subscription hub

The streaming service landscape is quickly becoming convoluted with every TV network, production company, and entrepreneur launching their own exclusive platforms. That's where ScreenHits TV wants to come in. The company will soon launch a service in the US and the UK that lets you aggregate Netflix, Disney+, Amazon Prime, HBO Go, BBC iPlayer, and more into one single interface and subscription.

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Are you still watching? Netflix starts asking if you'd like to cancel that dormant account


Plex Pass can now automatically detect and skip TV show intros

Plex is one of the best services for managing your media library without succumbing to the whims of various streaming providers. Earlier this year, it launched standalone music and server management apps on Android, and now there's a new feature coming to Plex Pass members: intro skipping!

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