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[Holy Crap Finally] Netflix Profiles Available In Build 3.1.0, Rolling Out Now Through The Play Store

Guys, guys, guys. Stop whatever you're doing and listen. Netflix Profiles are finally available on Android. Basically everyone on earth has been waiting this update for what seems like years. It hasn't actually been years, but still. It's been a while – since August, for those counting.


But wait, there's more! Search has also been improved with "support for people and related items." Also, some bug fixes. That's pretty much the changelog.

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Netflix Updated For Android 4.2, New Player UI Comes Along For The Ride

Netflix has been gently updating and adding features ever since it debuted on Android, and while today's addition isn't earth-shattering, it'll be welcome to anyone with a shiny new Nexus device. The primary addition to the 2.1 update is full support for Android 4.2, but the player UI has also gotten a pretty big facelift. Bigger buttons and more transparent elements make it a lot easier to pinpoint tracking, and the whole thing seems at least superficially faster.

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Netflix App Updated, Adds Support For Four More Countries, Improved Subtitles, Fixes Horrible Lag

The Netflix for Android app received a minor update today, adding compatibility for four new countries: Sweden, Denmark, Norway, and Finland. The update also adds improved subtitles for Android 4.0+ devices, which is cool, I guess.


Yeah, those subtitles are noticeably improved.

But most importantly, I've noticed on two of the three devices I've updated, the app doesn't run at the god-awful pace it has since it was released. Scrolling on a Galaxy S III, Optimus G, and Nexus 7 is vastly improved, and much smoother.

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Netflix App Updated, Now Officially Supports All Android 2.2 And 2.3 Devices

While there have been plenty of Netflix builds available for download to be sideloaded onto "unsupported" devices, many users have been waiting for an official update to be pushed out by Netflix.

ss-480-0-6 ss-480-1-6 ss-480-2-6

That day has come, as the app received an today today that brings support to all Android 2.2 and 2.3 devices. Oddly enough, though, the app also updated on my Galaxy Tab 10.1 which I had previously sideloaded it onto.

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Netflix For Android APK Leaked; Probably Won't Stream Anything Yet

The APK for one of the most lusted-after Android apps, Netflix, leaked on to the Internet today. However, whether you can actually do anything with it is another question altogether (the answer to which is not entirely clear yet).

I was able to install the app on my EVO, and everything looked good up until the point where I actually wanted to watch a movie - and then... nothing. Most users have reported similar results, though at least one person claimed that it is fully functional, with a tweet "works on fascinate" (of course, anyone can say that on Twitter, so take it as you wish).

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