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Netatmo adds Google Assistant support to its smart security cameras

French gadget-maker Netatmo has announced that its Presence and Welcome security cameras have added support for Google Assistant. Using voice commands, users are able to control a few of the cameras' functions.

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Netatmo adds a Facebook Messenger bot for its products, including its cams

I've been using a Netatmo Welcome camera for the past month or so (review coming soon) and enjoying its facial recognition features, its completely free plans which save everything to an SD card and can connect to your Dropbox, and its neat little cylinder design. What I haven't liked, however, is the fact that it doesn't integrate with anything else I own. SmartThings? Nope. Google Home? Nada. Echo/Alexa? Niet. There's an IFTTT channel but that's about it. The cams are like the bastard children of Netatmo's ecosystem. Whereas the thermostat and weather station have Assistant and Alexa integrations, the cams aren't supported in either of these.

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