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[Update: Coming back online] Smart home halt: Nest is down for many

If you're having issues with your nest devices right now, you aren't alone. By all appearances, the service seems to be in the midst of an outage. According to the company's Twitter account, and Twitter support account, it's looking into it.

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[Deal Alert] Get Google Home Hub for $99 ($50 off) in select Nest promo bundles

One of the most interesting things you can do with a smart display is to pair it with a doorbell that streams and records video, making it easier to identify visitors before you get to the door. If you have neither of those devices, Google is currently offering a bundle deal for its new Home Hub plus a Nest Hello doorbell that reduces the smart display to $99 from $150, bringing the total for the two devices to $328. Both the Google Store and Best Buy are also offering the discount when customers pair the Home Hub with a variety of other Nest and Google products, including the third generation Nest Learning Thermostat. 

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[Deal Alert] Get a Nest Hello doorbell and Google Home Mini for $199 ($79 off)

Google's Nest family or products have particularly tight integration with Assistant. For instance, the Nest Hello doorbell can announce visitors if you've got a Google Home on the same network. Now, you can get both components of that setup (at a discount) in a single purchase from B&H.

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Nest Learning Thermostat now comes in three new finishes

The third-generation Nest Thermostat, officially called the 'Learning Thermostat', has been around since 2015. If you weren't a massive fan of the existing styles, Google announced today that three new finishes will be available - Mirror Black, Brass, and Polished Steel (seen above).

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Nest Secure now lets you enable motion sensors while you're at home

Nest Secure launched last year with a hefty price tag and slick operation, but it was a little lacking in features. Nest has dropped the price and pushed out feature updates to address user concerns, but one notable omission has escaped Nest's attention until now. In the latest version of the Nest app, you can finally enable motion detection while you're at home.

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[Update: Nest backtracks, users contacted] Nest is investigating delayed notifications for Hello Doorbell

When you buy a "smart" version of a product, you expect it to behave like the regular version but better, with more features, and to be more practical. Unfortunately though for many Nest Hello owners, their new smart camera doorbell wasn't doing its main job well enough. It wasn't acting like a proper doorbell and notifying them of visitors in a timely manner. Nest is now acknowledging the issue and starting an investigation into what's causing it.

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Nest x Yale Lock gains Google Assistant voice command support

You know smart home technology is becoming ubiquitous when even a 150-year-old company decides to get in on the fun. That's the case with Yale, founded in 1868 by the inventor of the modern pin tumbler lock, Linus Yale, Jr. The historic company collaborated with Google's home automation company, Nest, to reveal the Nest x Yale Lock in January 2018. Now, Yale has achieved the inevitable next step in its journey into cutting edge security tech, with the announcement that as of today, Google Assistant on mobile or Google Home supports voice commands for its product.

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Nest Hello review: The security camera I've always wanted

As any introvert will tell you, the doorbell can be a source of great anxiety. If I'm not expecting someone, there are only so many reasons for the doorbell to ring. I don't want anything to do with most of those reasons, so it's highly desirable to know what's going on out there before I open the door. I've used various security cameras for this task, including most recently the Arlo Pro 2. None of them have come close to the speed and ease of use you get with the Nest Hello.

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Nest CEO steps down, will remain at Google as 'executive advisor'

After a brief tenure, Nest CEO Marwan Fawaz has stepped down. Fawaz assumed the role in 2016 immediately following the departure of Nest founder Tony Fadell. Fawaz will remain at Google as an "executive advisor" for the company's hardware ventures, hardware chief Rick Osterloh said in a statement.

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Nest app updated with support for creating and editing activity zones

One of the features Nest reserves for Nest Aware subscribers is activity zones. However, even subscribers had to go to the Nest web interface to add and edit their zones. Now, you can finally do it right from the Android app.

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