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Nest update adds Android TV support, clip saving and sharing

Saving and sharing video clips should be one of the rudimentary features of any connected camera system, so I'm surprised Nest didn't have that option until now. But now it does and it works in two ways. You can create an "instaclip" of any recorded event in your Nest timeline, but you can also tap and hold on the icon to make a custom clip with your chosen start and end times. After the clip is generated, you'll have the choice of either saving it locally to your device or sharing it with your contacts.

That's one of the two major features added with the latest Nest app update.

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Nest announces new Thermostat colors, free 3-hour Cam history for all, Sightline and person alerts, and starts selling the Cam Outdoor [Updated]

While there might be lots of changes afoot in Nest behind closed doors, the company is continuing to push its products and release improvements to make them more desirable and try to be profitable for its parent Alphabet. Today brings a lot of news from Nest, both in terms of new products and new features.

First, Nest Thermostat is getting 3 new color variations with new materials.

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Nest app update introduces Spaces view, groups products by room and shows live video on the home screen

Nest products monitor the many areas of your home, so it's not too much of a stretch to think you will want to view your home by room instead of gadget. The latest app update does just that. Nest's new Spaces view groups together all of the Nest products in your home by the room they're in.

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Nest announces an outdoor version of the Nest Cam coming this fall, available for $199.99 pre-order

The Nest Cam keeps an eye on what's going on in your home. That can be creepy when you're home, but it can bring peace of mind when you're away. On the downside, the Nest Cam isn't weatherproof. That means you can't stick one outdoors.

That's about to change, for today Nest announced an outdoor version.

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[Deal Alert] Nest Cam Is $50 Off For Father's Day, Now $149

Father's day is fast approaching and if you're stuck and don't know what to get your dad/husband or if you're the dad and don't know what to ask your kids to get you, then here's an idea Nest is suggesting: grab a Nest Cam for $50 off. That brings the security camera's price down to $149, its lowest yet. Previous sales had it at $170 but not less.

If you're wondering about the Father's Day connection, Nest jokingly says it could be used to catch robbers sure, but also to help dad see who ate the chips, or to record those moments when he saves the day or those weird incidents that happen during family gatherings and so on.

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Nest Introduces Family Accounts For Up To 10 People, Now Guesses Whether You're Home Or Not Using Home/Away Assist

Nest products are attractive because of their brains. They're not bad-looking, don't get me wrong, but its the smart things they do that keep people interested. The company's latest inclusion gets Nest interacting with your entire family.

The products now support family accounts, which can manage up to ten people. This way anyone in the house can change the temperature or receive notifications without needing the master password. Each person can interact with a Nest Thermostat, Nest Protect, or Nest Cam.

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[Deal Alert] Nest Cam Is $170 From All Retailers, Nest Thermostat And Protect Bundle $50 Off On Nest's Store

Let's face it, the new Nest Cam wasn't probably on your Black Friday radar because the cost of the unit is hardly in its hardware, but in the somewhat needed Nest Aware subscription. If you're willing to put down $100-300 per year on that, a few saved bucks here and there won't make that much of a difference. But since we're thrifty people and we think every dollar counts, we'll tell you about this Nest Cam discount anyway.

The Wi-Fi connected security camera has dropped to $170 on every online retailer's store: Nest Store, Google Store, Amazon, Best Buy, Newegg, and Walmart.

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Verizon Will Offer $200 To Switch And Buy Certain Phones, $100 Off Select Devices, The Parrot AR Drone 2.0 Elite For $250, And Various Discounted Accessories This Black Friday

Black Friday, or Black Thursday Evening, is only several days away. You're probably not thinking of making the Verizon store your first destination, but the Big Red wants your money just like everyone else. If you find prices particularly off putting throughout the rest of the year, this may be the one time to pay the carrier's site and retail stores a visit.

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[Deal Alert] The New Nest Cam Drops By $25 To $175 At Amazon And Walmart

Nest's new Cam has been available for a few months with its 1080p video capture and better WiFi signals, but it's not the cheapest connected security cam you can get for your home. If you've been wanting one but the $199 price was a little too hard to digest, you may be happy to know that the Cam has dropped by $25 online.

Both Amazon and Walmart are showing the new Nest Cam at a $175 price (minus a few pennies here and there) and that could be all the persuasion you need to grab one. Or if it was already on your Holiday shopping list, now might be a better time to jump the gun and get one.

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Nest Cam Availability Expands To Google Store In Belgium, France, Ireland, Netherlands, And United Kingdom