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All six original Mega Man games are now on the Play Store, and yup, they're terrible

Please don't give Capcom any money for its official Mega Man Android ports. The company hasn't earned any. You'd think that almost 30-year-old games, designed to run on a console with less computational power than the average DVD player, could be ported to Android with relative ease. You would be wrong. All six of the original Nintendo Entertainment System Mega Man games are now on the Play Store for two bucks a pop, and they're just as good as that trailer indicated they would be. So, they suck.

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Square Enix Keeps Expanding Its Collection Of Classic RPG Ports With Dragon Quest II, Available Now For $4.99

Square seems to have run out of Final Fantasy games for Android (and no, you can't have FFVII, so stop asking). The company has been going to its Enix side for mobile re-releases as of late, publishing Dragon Quest VIII, then Dragon Quest IV, then the original Dragon Quest to the Play Store. And since Square Enix is apparently ready to start counting in the right order, you can now play Dragon Quest II in non-emulated form for the not-so-low price of five bucks.

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Dragon Quest II was originally released on the NES way back in 1987.

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8BitDo NES30 Bluetooth Controller Review: Everything Old Is New Again

Nostalgia has the peculiar tendency to improve things with age. Despite the fact that a new luxury sedan might be objectively better in every way than, say, a '69 Chevelle, a collector might expend hundreds of hours and twice as much money restoring the original Chevy. Nowhere is this phenomenon more apparent than in the gaming world, where players seem to venerate the games, systems, and companies that they grew up with.


The NES30 is a Bluetooth controller that taps into this nostalgia. It's a shameless rip-off of the controller that came with the Nintendo Entertainment System, one of the most iconic pieces of electronics in history and, for many, their very first taste of video games.

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Square Enix Brings The Original Dragon Quest To Android - Kill All The Slimes You Want For $2.99

Android is becoming a veritable haven of classic RPGs, and Square Enix's mobile ports and re-releases are a big part of that. In addition to no less than six of the original Final Fantasy games, Chrono Trigger, The World Ends With You, and the fourth and eighth entries in Enix's Dragon Quest series, the company published the original Dragon Quest to the Play Store last night. You can get the 1986 NES title for a reasonable $2.99.

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Dragon Quest, originally released as Dragon Warrior in the US, was the Apple to Final Fantasy's Microsoft all through the 80s and 90s golden era of Japanese RPGs.

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