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The Humble NEOGEO Bundle Walks Out With The King Of Fighters From 1997, A Couple Metal Slugs, And Other SNK Friends Underneath A Blazing Star

Humble Bundle has unveiled its latest selection of games, and this time it has partnered with SNK to produce a selection of ports that first appeared on the Neo Geo. We're talking The King of Fighters. We're talking Metal Slug. We're talking Blazing Star, Fatal Fury, Garou: Mark of the Wolves, and Samurai Shodown II.


SNK games may go on sale in the Play Store every now and then, but this still marks one of the cheapest ways to get your hand on all of these titles.

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[New Game] SNK Playmore Releases Classic Fighting Game Samurai Shodown II On Android

If you spent the early to mid 90s tapping away on a Neo-Geo controller, you're probably familiar with Samurai Shodown II. This classic fighting game was much loved at the time, and it's seen a bit of a comeback in recent years on Xbox Live Arcade and Wii Virtual Console. Now this title has arrived on Android thanks to SNK Playmore, but nostalgia doesn't come cheap.

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Metal Slug 3 Is On Sale For $1.99 (Normally $6.99), Brings Retro Side-Scrolling Shooter Action On The Cheap

You know us, here at Android Police. We have simple tastes. We like old school games, we like getting things on the cheap, and we like things that go boom. Which means that this sale on Metal Slug 3 is right up our alley. While this title is normally around $7, it's available for $2 right now on the Play Store.

metalslug1 metalslug2 metalslug3

This game originally came out for the Neo Geo and its nostalgic graphics have been lovingly recreated for Android.

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Blazing Star Of Neo Geo And Engrish Fame Comes To Android, Encourages You To 'Get It More!'

Way, way, way back in the day, when dinosaurs roamed the Earth and you couldn't say "pants" on television, video games came in these little plastic boxes and you had to blow magic breath on them to get them to work. Back in those days, the name Neo Geo might've been more readily recognizable, as would the game Blazing Star. For the uninitiated, Blazing Star is a side-scrolling space shooter. A lucky video appears!

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