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NBC's new Peacock streaming service takes flight today

Netflix may be the top dog when it comes to paid video streaming subscriptions, but NBCUniversal has been hatching a new egg of its own in the form of Peacock, a new streaming service with free and paid plan options. It includes plenty of content from modern day TV comedies to classic movies. Today, Peacock is going live along with some introductory perks.

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A bunch of NBCUniversal channels, including Syfy, launched Android TV apps today

Earlier today we posted about USA Network getting an Android TV app. It turns out that isn't the only NBCUniversal channel getting one today — in fact, four more have joined the roster. Those four are Bravo, E!, Syfy, and Oxygen.

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This evening's Tonight Show was shot entirely with the Galaxy S10+

If you're tired of seeing Android's underrepresentation in the creative world, then a full 62 minutes of late-night television might make up for it. This evening's episode of "The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon" was shot exclusively on the Samsung Galaxy S10+.

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[Update: Now on Android TV] There are two official NBC Sports apps on the Play Store, for some reason

The NBC Sports app has been around for some time now, having amassed more than five million installs. It lets you log in with TV provider credentials to watch — you guessed it — sports content from NBC. Last week, a listing cropped up for a new app with the same name and a very similar description, also published by NBC. It's not clear why both apps exist.

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NBC releases its app for Android TV

Last night the US cable network NBC released an app for streaming content to the Android TV platform. It's pretty similar to NBC's other Android app, but, you know, for Android TV. The UI has been reworked to look better on a larger-format display but, presumably, offers all the same content you expect.

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NBC's Breaking News app and service will shut down tomorrow

News are all around us nowadays but quality news reporting that also happens to be fast and accurate is not easy to come by. Breaking News, a separate startup inside NBC News Digital Network, was one of the most popular and respected news aggregators that tried to solve that problem through a team of dedicated editors and a network of trusted partners. It then broadcast important news through its website, various social networks (@BreakingNews with >9M followers, +BreakingNews, and Breaking News on Facebook) as well as mobile apps including an Android app with over 500,000 installs.

But alas, NBC News decided at the start of the month that the service was not generating enough revenue to sustain itself and that it was time to shut it down.

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NBC's app gets a pretty modern design overhaul, fewer commercials, and better Chromecast support

Of the thousands and thousands of apps on the Play Store, very few get updated to meet the latest design trends and guidelines. Some developers take their sweet time, others never bother, thinking that a functional app is all that's needed and design isn't too relevant.

NBC's Android app was neither here nor there. It followed more of a Holo aesthetic, with some more modern elements like the hamburger menu. Now, however, it's taking a leap forward with a major redesign. The Holo-like dark grey and blue tabs are still there, but they're much less flagrant now, the font is changed, and the iconography has been improved throughout.

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Bravo Now and SyFy Now let you stream full episodes of the two channels' shows

There are many ways to stream your favorite shows nowadays, from Netflix to Hulu to Play Movies & TV, and now you can add two more to the list. NBCUniversal Media has released dedicated apps for two of its channels: Bravo and Syfy.

The apps, not-so-aptly titled Bravo Now and Syfy Now, let users stream full episodes of their shows the day after they're aired. Previously available episodes might also be accessible, but only for select shows. This is essentially a way for you to catch up with an episode the next day if you missed it and forgot to DVR it (do people still do that?),

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NBC's Olympics app includes scores, schedules, news, and video of everything except the actual events

The summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro should be interesting to watch this year, if only in the same sense that a burning building is hard to ignore. As it has been for decades, NBC will be the sole media outlet for the games in the United States. Sports fans can use the official NBC app to keep up with the Olympics on their phones and tablets... though keep in mind that the results of the games, including medal winners, statistics, and a general schedule, will be available in all the usual places like ESPN and Google Now.

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