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[Update: Official Changelog] Google Maps v9.20 Links Photos With Reviews, Adds Street Sign Callouts And An Option To Turn Off Voice Guidance During Calls, And Allows For Additions To Your Timeline [APK Download]

This week's updates are rolling out and Google Maps is among the first to bring something new to the screen. Version 9.20 doesn't seem to have any huge features, but there are some very notable improvements. A shortcut has been added to the Timeline to allow for quickly adding a place to your history, there's now a setting to control whether turn-by-turn instructions are given during voice calls, and Maps will now pair your reviews with any pictures you've submitted.

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HERE Maps Now Shows Public Transit Routes In Many More Cities


Lyft Is Making Waze The Default Navigation Guide For Drivers, Has Other Integration En Route

Lyft and Waze are both Android apps focused on getting you from one place to another. The former hooks you up with a driver who drops you off where you need to be. The latter is a navigation app that tells drivers how to get there. Now the two are becoming good friends.

Soon Waze will become the default navigation app for drivers, which Lyft hopes will lead to faster routes. Drivers will see a "Return to Lyft" button inside the Waze app that opens Lyft. This will enable faster switching between the two.

As for riders, Lyft can now update a driver's route in real-time within Waze.

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Maps v9.19 Introduces New 'Driving Mode' With Traffic Updates And ETAs, Audio Toggle For Navigation, And Timeline Settings [APK Download + Teardown]

Google's developers are back to work now that the holidays (and CES) are over, and the first major app update is here. Maps v9.19 is out and it brings a host of pretty awesome new features. There is a new settings screen for your timeline that gives a bit more control over its operation and what is shown. A new audio toggle has been added to the navigation modes so it's a little easier to quickly shut off those over zealous turn-by-turn notifications. And there's a new driving mode that uses Google's knowledge of your habits and search history to predict where you're going during a drive and volunteer useful information as you drive—if you can get it enabled, that is.

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AutoMate Car Dashboard Is Finally Out Of Beta And Available In The Play Store

Odds are you don't have Android Auto in your car, but you still might want a more optimized mobile experience for driving. That's what AutoMate aims to offer, but it's been in beta for a long, long time. That ends today as v1.0 has been uploaded to the Play Store for all to see. It squashes some bugs, and also adds a few more features.

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YouTube Has A New Pseudo-Drawer For Subscriptions On Tablets

The YouTube app's hamburgerless layout has been with us for a while now, and while it's gotten a mixed bag of reactions, Google is still iterating on it slowly but surely. It seems like the latest development is a new layout on tablets for the subscription tab.

Previously, a strip of avatars lined the top of the content area, with blue dots to indicate whether the channel had a new video for you. In the new layout - which seems to be rolling out pretty quickly from the server-side judging from our inbox - subs have their own sort of pseudo-drawer on the left of the screen.

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[APK Download] Maps 9.17 With Offline Navigation, Searching, Much Larger Saved Areas, And Direct Shortcut To Your Contributions

Several years ago Google introduced the ability to use Google Maps offline, sort of. You could save portions of an area, but you couldn't use navigation, nor could you do much else. It was more of a tease than a practical feature.

At this year's I/O, Google announced that better things were on the way. Soon, the company said, we would get offline search. We would get turn-by-turn navigation.

Nearly half a year later, Google has now officially rolled out the functionality. The feature is making its way to devices. If you cannot wait, you're in luck, because we have the APK available for download at the end of this post.

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Google Officially Releases Offline Navigation And Search In Maps, Available Starting Today On Android

Back at Google I/O earlier this year, Google teased offline maps and turn-by-turn navigation in Google Maps, a feature that many of us have wanted for a long, long time. Today, that feature comes to fruition.


As of today's Maps update, users will be able to save specific areas to their devices when they know that they'll be in an area with poor data coverage. When an unacceptable connection is detected, Maps will automatically switch to offline mode; turn-by-turn directions, searches, store hours, and the like will all continue to be available.

You'll be able to grab the desired areas by searching for a city, county, or country, then tapping the "download" button on the card.

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[Update: Also Added Gas Prices] Google Maps v9.16 Adds Search For Places Along Your Current Route For Quick Stops To Get Gas And Food [APK Download]

Forget Offline Navigation! OK, don't forget it, but set it aside for a moment because Google Maps just got the greatest update ever, it just doesn't have anything to do with offline. Navigation now supports the option to search along your current route for new destinations. Now you can easily side-track on your long road trips to get gas, food, or even do a little shopping. It's quick, simple, and super useful.

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HERE For Android's Route Sharing Feature Arrives In Latest Stable Update, Brings Surfer Dude Voice Along For The Ride

Last month HERE showed off its upcoming route sharing feature, which lets users send others the route they're taking to get to a destination. This way you can answer "How are you getting here?" without having to go through the effort of explaining. Tapping the standard share button and having the question-asking-person read the plain text that appears on his or her phone, or open the instructions inside HERE, should be much less of a headache.

Now you no longer have to be in the beta program to try out the feature. The stable version of the app is getting the goods in the newest update.

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