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HERE Maps Starts A New Beta Program On Android — The First Feature Is A Contextual Menu When Long-Tapping Anywhere On The Map

Google Maps may be the go-to mapping and navigation app for a grand majority of Android users, but that doesn't stop the competition from pushing ahead, adding new features, and trying to grab more users. That's the case with HERE Maps, which is not content with offering a better offline mapping experience, but keeps on trickling updates to its Android app. Lately, it added reversible lane support in 12 cities, and now it's launching a beta program to help you test out new features before they make it into the stable release.

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Waze Launches 'RideWith' Carpool Service, Limited Availability In Israel Only Right Now

Mapping and navigation app Waze is trying something new, and as with many new things, you need to start small. So the Google-owned company is starting with commuters in the Gush Dan region of Israel. If you need a lift to work, just grab the new RideWith app and another Waze user can pick you up on the way.


Google Plans To Integrate Railroad Crossing Locations In Maps Because Dumb People Keep Getting Hit By Trains

Trains are big and fast, and if they hit your car, you might die. You would think that was sufficient motivation to be careful at railroad crossings, but there was actually a sharp 9% increase in rail crossing accidents last year. Google has agreed to work with the Federal Railroad Administration to list more than 200,000 public and private rail crossings in Google Maps to help people be more aware.


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Sygic Offline GPS Navigation 70% Off For A Limited Time [Sponsored Post]

Most of the time, Google Maps is great. You know when it's not so great? When a data connection isn't present. In fact, it's basically useless without some form of data. If you're ever in a situation where you're 1) low on data, 2) without a connection, or 3) roaming, and need to find a way to get from A to B, then a good offline solution is clutch.

One such solution is Sygic GPS Navigation, which is currently on sale for up to 70% off.

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Google Maps Now Warns You If You Are Navigating To A Place That Will Be Closed When You Arrive

Google has all sorts of data points about the world around us, and it turns out the most recent Maps update includes a new use for that data. Maps will now tell you if you're navigating someplace that's going to be closed when you get there.

2015-06-15 16.48.09

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Google Maps Turn-By-Turn Navigation Makes Its Way To Chile And Colombia

About two years ago Google announced the expansion of its Maps turn-by-turn navigation to 20 countries. Chile didn't figure on that list, but some of the country's Android users reported getting directions and a limited set of functionality on Maps. That seems to be expanded to full support now.

Google Maps' support document has been updated to add Chile as well as Colombia to the list of countries with turn-by-turn navigation.

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HTC Uploads Its 'Car' Driving Homescreen App To The Play Store

At this point in my life, I never actually know where I am at any given moment. I simply trust Google Maps to tell me, and to get me home with its turn-by-turn driving directions. This kind of incredibly reckless lifestyle requires a decent car dock (like this one) and preferably a homescreen that's easy to use without taking your focus off the road.

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You Can Now Send Directions To Your Phone From Desktop Google Search

There are a few ways to get directions from your computer to a phone, but Google just added this handy functionality to Google search. Simply search for "send directions," and Google will let you pick a location and device, then you're good to go.


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Moovit 4.0 Update Adds A New Interface And New Features, But Some Users Aren't Happy

Google Maps offers some stellar features, but that doesn't mean that it can't be improved upon, particularly in the area of public transit. Moovit is a navigation app that specializes in bus and train routes, and the latest version completely overhauls the interface. In particular it's much easier to assign a destination location from the main screen: instead of manually entering an address via text, just slide the map around until the indicator is where you want to go.

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Shortcuts For Waze Makes It Easier To Search Or Navigate From Your Homescreen

Even though many of Waze's features for traffic and incident reporting have been implemented in Google Maps over the past months, the standalone app remains available for those who prefer it and have grown used to it. However, while Google Maps integrates with Google Now and has handy homescreen shortcuts, Waze still lacks an easy way to launch the app directly into a search or navigation. That's the shortcoming that Shortcuts for Waze aims to solve.

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