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Seven features we want to see OnePlus add to OxygenOS

The lightly tweaked version of Android that OnePlus phones use, called OxygenOS, has some pretty big advantages going for it. There are even things about it that we'd like to see make their way to stock Android. But there's always room for improvement, and we've got a (slightly larger) wishlist of changes that we think could make it even better.

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YouTube App Updated To 4.5.17 With Slide-Out Navigation Menu And Video Suggestion Overlays

Google is slowly adding the new slide-out navigation menu to all of its major Android apps, and today it's YouTube's turn. The latest incremental update to the official video app doesn't add a whole lot more than that, but what's there is handy: the menu that used to be available via the "app button" in the upper-left corner only on the homescreen is now enabled on all standard UI screens with a quick swipe to the left, just like in the shiny new version of Gmail. As always, YouTube is a free download, available for all Android users.

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Strangely, the app button uses the little "back" icon everywhere, not just in UI screens where it will actually go back, and has not yet been switched to the "hamburger" menu button.

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