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[Updated app] iHeartRadio All Access is a new $9.99 on-demand radio and music subscription powered by Napster

Are you discontent with the many dozens of on-demand music services? Well, here's one more for you to try and hopefully love... or maybe hate, because let's be realistic, if you still haven't found one that works well for you, it's going to be very difficult to satisfy your taste. But iHeartRadio would sure like to take on that challenge with its two new paid plans.

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Rhapsody is changing its name to Napster

Napster is back, again. The original service peaked and plummeted decades ago, but the name has staying power. It's so recognizable that Rhapsody is changing its name to Napster in an attempt to gain more subscribers.

Can Rhapsody just do that? Yes, it turns out.

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[Review] Sonos Controller For Android And Sonos S5 Wireless Speaker System: So-So Performance In A Svelte Package


Sonos is a company well-known in the tech industry for their line of wireless speaker systems, designed to let you sling music around your house without the  hassle of complex setup processes or routing wires through ceilings and walls. To mark the launch of their Sonos Controller for Android application, Sonos generously loaned me a full multi-room system consisting of two Sonos S5 speaker units and a wireless ZoneBridge router. Given the buzz surrounding Sonos's products, it seemed best to review the system as a whole, viewing the application and hardware as a complete set. Read on to see how it all stacked up.

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HTC EVO 4G: Fix Music Streaming And (Maybe) Boost Your 3G Speeds With A Simple Hack

This morning, I noticed an interesting thread in the EVO subsection of the XDA forums that claimed to be able to fix music streaming (which was broken in some apps after the latest OTA), while boosting 3G speeds by .2 to .6 Mbps. As the process is very simple and easily reversible, I gave it a go - but decided that I was going to use SpeedTest to benchmark the changes. Unfortunately, what I found wasn't what I expected.

Before doing anything, I ran the test three times. Before the fix my average download speed was 938.67 Kbps. After I ran the fix, my speed dropped to an average of  782 Kbps.

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Napster, A Subsidiary Of Best Buy, Launches Official Android App

Do you guys remember Napster, the music sharing service that started it all, made huge headlines, was sued into oblivion, went legit as a radio with a monthly subscription fee, and later got picked up by Best Buy? Of course you do, and I'm willing to bet most of you downloaded at least one song using Napster back in the day.

The app, quietly launched over the weekend, offers access to over 11 million songs using your Napster account, which costs $10 a month. Considering that this $10 "Napster plus mobile access" plan offers offline listening, it's not such a bad deal at all.

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