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(Update: $18 in Lightning Deal) Grab the MyQ Chamberlain smart garage hub for just $30 ($20 off)

Opening the garage door with just a push-button remote is so last-century. Thanks to easily accessible Wi-Fi and LTE coverage, there is little reason not to upgrade your garage door with a smart garage door opener that you can control with your voice and from your phone anywhere in the world; bringing your garage into the 21st century. The MyQ Chamberlain smart garage door opener, a popular and highly-rated system on major retailer sites, is now on sale for just $30 at Amazon, which is $20 off its usual price and 70% off from its original 2017 MSRP.

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The Chamberlain MyQ smart garage hub is on sale again for $30 ($20 off)

Back in July, Amazon Prime Day offered up some incredible deals on all sorts of smart home gear, including a nice discount on the Chamberlain MyQ smart garage door opener, down $20 from around $50. If you missed out on picking one up that time, or just weren't a Prime member, that same $30 price is back now, available at Amazon, Best Buy, and Lowes.

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The Chamberlain MyQ smart garage door opener drops to $30 on Amazon ($15 off)

Your garage door opener has a range of, what? Maybe 100 feet if you're lucky. How about infinite range? That's what you get with the Chamberlain MyQ smart garage door opener. This device used to cost around $100, but it's dropped to half that more recently. For Prime Day, the MyQ is just $29.99.

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This Amazon myQ smart garage door bundle costs less than the Cloud Cam it includes ($99)

Bundles are a good way to get a markdown on two complementary products, and sometimes the bundle gets marked down so much it's actually cheaper to buy than just one of its components. This may only happen rarely but it results in some mouth-watering deals — like today's smart garage bundle, where the Amazon Cloud Cam Key Edition ($120 value) and myQ Smart Garage Door Opener ($50 value) can be had for just a hundred bucks, a cool $70 off.

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[Update: Down to $40, half off] myQ hub smart garage door opener drops to $50 ($30 off) on Amazon

Yesterday, Amazon announced that Prime members could get their packages delivered to their home garages with the Key for Garage system. It requires special hardware, however, so to to help people get started with their pre-existing door, the myQ Smart Garage Door hub is on sale for $49.99.

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Chamberlain MyQ smart garage door opener on sale for $59 ($20 off)

Trying to make your dumb home smart can be trying at times as you shoehorn the modern world into systems that have been installed in the walls for decades. Perhaps the dumbest part of your home is the garage door opener. There are several (bad) options for adding smarts to the garage, but Chamberlain's MyQ is the clear winner. It's a bit spendy at $79 most days, but you can get a no-strings-attached $20 discount right now.

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[Updated] IFTTT adds channels for MyQ garage door opener, Neato robot vacuums, and WD's new My Cloud Home NAS

IFTTT is a godsend solution for people who use different services and platforms and wish they could make them work better together. The idea of tying triggers from one device to actions on another is especially practical in the smart home, and even more so when you can use Google Home to control all those devices through IFTTT even if they don't have direct Assistant integration - yet.

With that said, IFTTT has just added support for 3 new products through new channels.

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