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Google Fit gets a brand new design, gamifies exercise with Heart Points and Move Minutes

Earlier this month, we revealed that Google was working on a health and wellbeing product called 'Google Coach.' It would recommend workouts, monitor your nutrition, and more. A new Google Fit update was announced today, but it doesn't appear to have those features.

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MyFitnessPal from Under Armour suffers data breach affecting 150 million users

According to American sportswear giant Under Armour, user data from its health app MyFitnessPal has been compromised. Data including the usernames, email addresses, and scrambled passwords from approximately 150 million accounts was stolen last month in one of the biggest attacks of its kind.

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Endomondo Update Brings MyFitnessPal And Google Fit Integration

Five months ago, Under Armour purchased both Endomondo and MyFitnessPal. Now the former is learning how to play along with the latter. In Endomondo version 11.2.1, users can access their MyFitnessPal information without leaving the app.

This update isn't just for the nutrition-minded among us. It also adds the ability to integrate your account with Google Fit. This way you can take workout data collected in Endomondo and share it with Google.

Endomondo2 Endomondo1

I hope this news was worth taking a pause in your workout. Feel free to check out the changelog before hitting play on your music app and returning back to your sweat-inducing routine.

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MyFitnessPal And Endomondo Are Both Now Owned By Under Armour

Under Armour is a well-known fitness brand, but despite its ubiquity on wristbands and sweat-wicking clothes, it isn't the first name that comes to mind in the digital realm. How does a company go about changing this? Buy the brands that are. So here we are, Under Armour announced today that is has purchased MyFitnessPal and Endomondo.

Both of these services are geared towards getting you in shape. MyFitnessPal helps you keep track of your calorie intake and has been installed from the Play Store over 10,000,000 times. Endomondo is a digital personal trainer that tracks distance, time, speed, etc.

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MyFitnessPal Gets Updated To v2.7 – From Horrendously Ugly To Holo In One Easy Step

One of the most popular fitness apps on Google Play has long been MyFitnessPal. This was true in spite of how it looked – the app's UI was absolutely awful, and performance left a lot to be desired. But no more. MyFitnessPal has gotten a new Holo interface in the most recent update.

1 3 2

4 6 5

The developers of MyFitnessPal completely redesigned the app. Performance is considerably better, and you could legitimately call the design Holo (#YOLO). The way tabs behave isn't quite within the guidelines, but the overall vibe is much closer to the way Android is supposed to look in this day and age.

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