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Google Completely Redesigns The My Maps App In Its First Update Since 2014

The Google My Maps app seemed ripe for discontinuation. It hadn't been updated in years, had an old UI, and the feature set wasn't exactly essential. However, Google has opted to rework it from the ground up and release a new version of My Maps. You can grab it from the Play Store and start making your own maps right now.

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[Why We Can't Have Nice Things] Google Halts Maps Maker Submissions Following Pissing Bugdroid Incident And Other Spam

Last month someone thought it would be funny to submit a depiction of a Bugdroid pissing on an Apple in Maps Maker. Google quickly took down the edit after images started spreading across the web, but it isn't stopping there. After experiencing an uptick in spam over the past few months, the company will now temporarily turn off the ability for users to submit Google Maps edits.

The shutdown will take effect tomorrow, May 12th. A notice is greeting users who head over to


It may surprise you to know that Google's prior system for monitoring changes wasn't automatic. Most submissions were immediately approved, and a Googler would eventually come back and review the edit manually.

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You Can Now Access Google My Maps From Inside The Web Version Of Drive

Google My Maps allows you to create your own custom maps, which you can use to chart out a vacation, plan for a difficult hike, or prepare for a lengthy road trip. There's an Android app dedicated entirely to the task, but in a move that makes your creations even more accessible, Google has given them a prominent location inside of Drive on the web.

Now when you go to create a new document, you can produce a new map by going to More > Google My Maps.

image (1)

Google is rolling the integration out over the course of the next week.

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Google Renames Maps Engine To 'My Maps,' Introduces A New Logo And Other Small Improvements

Here's a Google app that few people would judge you for not knowing about. There's this thing formerly known as Maps Engine that lets people create custom maps and share them with others. Now it goes by the name of My Maps. And, put bluntly, it's a change that makes sense. This conveys to users what the app actually does. Map Engine? Not so much.

To go with the name change, Google has changed the app's icon as well. Here's the old and new version placed side by side.


The new icon wouldn't look out of place next to those for Docs, Sheets, and Slides.

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