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New 'My Devices' Google account page shows computers, too

You might have used the Find my Device feature in Google accounts before, which displays a list of your Android phones and tables with the ability to ring or wipe them remotely. There is also a little-known My Devices page, mostly used within G Suite organizations, which works with all mobile devices logged into your Google account. Starting today, the latter page is getting a much-needed facelift.

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'My Devices' on Google Play finally has unused phones and tablets removed

We like reporting on the tiny, minuscule improvements to the Android and Google platforms here at Android Police, so we were delighted to find that in the Google Play Store, older devices have disappeared on the list of 'My Devices.' This is pretty small and insignificant to most, but it's something that will have bothered many hardcore Android fans, so it's good to see it fixed.

Previously, every device you have ever owned would be listed, right from the first Android device you used (mine was a Nexus One) to the most recent. There is still no function to manually remove a device - it still has to be told not to appear in menus - and it still shows when it was registered and last used.

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Google Play Music 5.4 Update Finally Brings 'My Devices' To Android, Adds Offline Radio Caching And 'Play Next,' Fixes Duplicate Chromecasts Bug, And More [APK Download]

It's Update Wednesday, so get ready for a new round of Google app updates today. To start off, we have a new version of Google Play Music - 5.4.

What’s New

My Devices interface

Most importantly, today's update finally adds the ability to manage and deauthorize devices without having to go to the web interface - a feature we've longed for ever since discovering the 10-device limitation. While 10 devices may seem like a lot, once you factor in a few rounds of phone upgrades, various tablets lying around the house, and Google TV, you may just find yourself running into the limit soon.

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