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Google opts all users out of voice data collection, explains what it does with the data

If you've used any of Google's voice services for Assistant, Maps, and Search, you will have gotten a lengthy notice about some major changes as to how and why it collects audio of what you say. These actions are a response to last year's revelations about how humans were contracted to review those clips and how some of them got leaked. The top-line takeaway here is that every user has been opted out of data collection.

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Google is permanently nerfing all Home Minis because mine spied on everything I said 24/7 [Update x2]

When the first home assistants were announced, I was excited. A device I could wake up with a simple hotword that would answer my questions, set reminders, turn on the TV, and dim the lights, all without me having to get off the couch, sounded fantastic. Amazon's Echo and Echo Dot, Google's Home, and a myriad others, most recently the Home Mini, have invaded our kitchens, living rooms, and bedrooms. Heck, I put one in the bathroom.

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Google launches new My Activity site, reaffirms Google knows basically everything about you

Google knows a lot about you - particularly about the "you" on the internet. A new tool launched today called My Activity lets you get some insight on just what that information is - in a readable sense - by showing you your various web, Google product (including Android and Android apps), and search activities in a rather pretty card timeline. The site works on both desktop and mobile.

My Activity (here) shows all this information, but also acts as a link hub for Google's various data-collecting services you can choose to turn on or off, such as location history.

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