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MX Player launches its free movie and TV streaming service in the US, UK, and 5 more countries

Most of us know MX Player as the best video player on Android, able to handle any file format, codec, bitrate, or subtitle extension. What you may have missed though is that MX also has an on-demand movie and TV show streaming service in India. It's now expanding availability to seven countries, including the US and UK.

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MX Player beta picks up SMB support for network playback


MX Player extends Chromecast support to stream locally stored videos

Video players might be a dime a dozen on Android, but MX Player stood as one of the best in the early days, and it remains one of the most popular today. Even after Times Internet, a major Indian media company, acquired MX Player to give its own streaming services more visibility, it didn't prevent new features from being developed for local media. To that end, it's notable that you can now cast locally stored videos to Chromecast devices.

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MX Player adds Picture-in-Picture mode with latest update [APK Download]

As one of the most popular and fully-featured video player apps available on the Play Store, we've become accustomed to MX Player getting useful new features on a regular basis. Most recently, the team behind it added Chromecast support for online streaming content, and the latest update includes a Picture-in-Picture function.

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MX Player adds Chromecast support, but only for its online streaming content

If you're getting too giddy about the title of this post, I'll start by advising you to hold your horses. MX Player, one of the most popular video players on Android, has finally added Chromecast support, but it's not exactly where and how we wanted it to be. The feature is available inside the app, though only for online streaming content (which is currently limited to India).

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MX Player passes 500 million installs on the Play Store


MX Player reportedly being purchased by Indian media company Times Internet for $200 million

Most of us using Android are probably familiar with MX Player. It's one of the highest rated video playback apps on the Play Store, with a tremendous 100 million to 500 million downloads. According to a report published by The Ken, the app has just been acquired for $200 $145 million by the Times Internet, a large Indian media company. 

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[Deal Alert] MX Player Pro is down to 10 cents in a few countries

With the Play Store's new ability to have apps go free momentarily, we rarely feel the need to highlight the weekly 10-cent deals anymore because they do seem less appealing than something going completely free, so we've been posting them in our long deal roundup posts instead. But we're making an exception here because the 10-cent discount is hitting one app you might have on your watchlist and that hasn't dropped in price a single time in 5 years: MX Player Pro. (Actually it even rose in price from $5.22 to $5.99 in December 2015.)

MX Player Pro is the ad-free version of the beloved and powerful MX Player, a video player that can handle more video formats and encodings than I care to list here.

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MX Player adds back AC-3 codec support after the last Dolby Digital patent expired

If you remember back in 2014, MX Player had to take a forced step of removing support for the AC-3 codec (also known as Dolby Digital) from its app. That killed a bit of MX Player's magic: it had previously been popular as the app that could play any and every video you threw at it, no need to worry about formats and encodings, and regardless of whether or not your device's own video player could support them. After the removal, users had to download custom-built codecs and manually point the app toward them as a make-do solution to gain back AC-3 capabilities.

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MX Player gets update that adds Android 7.0 multi-window support and more

There are numerous video players available on the Play Store, each with its own strengths. MX Player, one of the more popular ones, has just received an update that adds a few great features, such as multi-window support for devices running Android 7.0 Nougat, a new decoder, and screen-off playback.

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