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Mobile World Congress 2020 is officially canceled (Update: Statement)The news comes just hours after GSMA said the show would go on

The ongoing coronavirus outbreak has thrown a wrench in plans for Mobile World Congress, the annual mobile technology showcase that takes place in Barcelona, Spain. Hours after the GSMA insisted the show would continue, the show has been canceled entirely.

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The GSMA reportedly wants to cancel MWC (Updated)

The coronavirus outbreak is shaking up MWC quite a bit, as many major companies have already withdrawn from the event slated to start February 24. It looks like this has lead fair organizer GSMA to plead with the Spanish government to declare a health emergency so it can cancel the event.

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All the companies that have withdrawn from MWC

The coronavirus outbreak is shaking up the tech world, leading to factory and store shutdowns all over China. This could mean we'll see some production shortages, but fears of the virus spread also have more tangible effects. Many companies have decided to withdraw from or limit their availability at MWC 2020, slated to begin February 24. To hinder contamination, the fair organizer GSMA has put a vast number of actions in motion to keep attendees as safe as possible.

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On Galaxy S20 launch day, the fate of the world's biggest smartphone show hangs in the balance

In what is an increasingly dismal downward spiral, MWC 2020 appears to be on the verge of collapse. The fate of the world's biggest smartphone event, an annual convention held in Barcelona for a decade, will allegedly be decided on Friday. That this news comes on the day of Samsung Unpacked and the launch of the Galaxy S20 feels especially... weird.

The show has been threatened by the fear and paranoia surrounding the Chinese coronavirus epidemic, which topped 42,000 cases by Tuesday. The number of companies withdrawing from MWC as a result of concerns about a global pandemic stemming from the convention also grows daily now.

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