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Nokia takes the wraps off of the Nokia 5, 3, and 3310, also announces global availability of the Nokia 6 and more

I have fond memories of Nokia, like many others, so I was excited to watch the Finnish firm's announcements today at MWC. The presentation started with more talk on the OZO 360° virtual reality camera, which was used to livestream everything to YouTube 360. Also of note was that Nokia is finalizing its purchase of Withings, the French connected devices company. Most importantly, however, were the phone announcements.

The Nokia 6, formerly exclusive to China, is going global.  We also saw the new Nokia 5, 3, and the relaunched, redesigned version of the fan favorite 3310.

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Motorola unveils the Moto G5 and G5 Plus with 1080p displays, metal bodies, and Android 7.0 Nougat

Mobile World Congress 2017 in Barcelona has begun, and manufacturers are releasing new tech left and right. This year, Motorola/Lenovo brought along the Moto G5 and Moto G5 Plus, which make some pretty significant changes over their predecessors, mostly for the better.

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ARCHOS' new 50 Graphite and 55 Graphite budget smartphones feature dual rear cameras, fingerprint sensors, and USB-C

Mobile World Congress 2017 is starting in just a few days, and some manufacturers are already releasing new products to get ahead of all the madness that will ensue. Case in point: ARCHOS has just announced two new smartphones, the 50 Graphite and the 55 Graphite, which both pack pretty high-end features inside of budget phones.

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Yet another image of the Huawei P10 leaks

Mobile World Congress starts in a few days, and Huawei will be on hand to announce the P10. It's not like we really need it to—the phone has been thoroughly leaked in the run up to MWC, and now there's yet another slip of information. This time our old friend Evan Blass has dropped a high-resolution press image. That's it above.

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Samsung hints at a new Exynos 9 series coming soon

In an attempt to keep everyone on their toes for MWC, the Samsung Exynos Twitter account put out a teaser image hinting at a new SoC. Labeled as "coming soon," the heavy emphasis on the 9 implies that this is a new series of Samsung's in-house chipset.

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Samsung sets its MWC press conference for February 26

Phone nerds like us love February (me especially... it's my birthday month) because of the Mobile World Congress. Every year, most of the big players in the industry, and a lot of small ones, make their announcements for their product lineups in Barcelona. Samsung, being no stranger to the event, has scheduled its press conference for February 26.

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The Verge reveals [some of] the LG G6 in leaked photo, with rounded screen corners

Last year's LG G5 didn't do so hot, largely owing to its embarrassing build quality and poorly-executed modularity push. Judging from this latest leaked image, the Korean tech giant is looking to correct the mistakes it made with the upcoming G6.

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Motorola has an MWC event scheduled for February 26

It feels like we just put CES behind us, yet our sights are set on the next big event. Mobile World Congress is coming, held at the end of February in Barcelona as always. Various companies will be sending out event invites and announcements in the coming days and weeks. Motorola is no exception. We received our graphic and while obviously not detailed as to the specifics of the event, I am sure that most of us can guess what we are going to see there.

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Galaxy S7 And S7 Edge Hands-On - A Closer Look At Samsung's Latest (Video)

We published a quick look at the Galaxy S7 and S7 edge earlier this week, but today we had a chance to really sit down with the phones and learn a few things. With that in mind, here's our full hands-on.

The hardware on the new S7 and S7 edge is going to be deeply familiar to those with a Galaxy S6, Note 5, or S6 Edge+ - the design features are only slightly evolved, with most of the changes being internal. That's not to say nothing's changed on the outside, though. Samsung specifically considered user feedback, particularly from the S6 edge, and made the phone feel softer and smooth to hold around the sides.

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MWC 2016: What To Expect From The World's Biggest Smartphone Show

We're in Barcelona! And I'm struggling to stay awake. It's 3PM here in one of my favorite places to visit (I've been doing it five years now, after all), and I am jet lagged to an extent I've scarcely ever experienced. But 2016 is shaping up to be one of the busiest MWCs ever in terms of smartphone news, and we're just getting started. Over the next couple of days, you'll see big announcements from the likes of LG, Samsung, Alcatel, possibly Sony, maybe a few things from HTC, and likely dozens of smaller companies looking to get their share of the limelight.

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