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What We Use, 2018 Edition: The stuff Ryne can't live without

I've been here at Android Police for over a year, now, fighting my way up the ranks and RSS feeds. So far I've succeeded, and having the opportunity to spend my days writing about technology has been incredible. As a result of that, I've accrued a ton of hardware and software, much of which has become an integral part of my workflow and life.

So here's a peek at all the stuff, personal and professional, that lets me do me.

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Muzei updated with new widget, Tasker plugin, and launcher gesture

Muzei, a much-loved live wallpaper app made by Google employee Roman Nurik, has just been updated. There was a long gap in which Muzei didn't see too much in the way of updates, which had me concerned for a while. But, between the one back in February and today's, things look to be picking up.

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Muzei gets its first real update in over a year, brings full photo folder selection, a history of past artwork, and other additions

After over a year, Muzei is getting an official update. With Ian Lake taking over the reins, v2.3 brings a host of new features that Muzei users have been wanting for a long time. I don't want to spoil too much before we get into the changelog, so without further ado, let's dive in.

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Roman Nurik's FORM Android Wear Watch Face Is Now Available, Includes Cool Muzei Integration

Roman Nurik works for Google, but he also develops really cool (and free) Android apps from time to time. He's the man behind Dash Clock, Muzei, and now the FORM Watch Face for Android Wear. You can grab it right now and enjoy it all on its own, or you can take advantage of the sweet Muzei functionality.

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Muzei Updated To Version 2.0 With Android Wear Watch Face, Design Tweaks, And More


Roman Nurik's Muzei, the live wallpaper that puts art (or any other collection of images) front and center on your home screen, got a big update to version 2.0 today.

The most noticeable changes are in the app's interface, which has been updated for Lollipop. The design stays true to the experience many users are already familiar with, but adds some new touches, including a revised launcher icon, and a FAB for adding images to the "my photos" category.

Muzei has also added a slider for saturation in its advanced settings menu, an option to remove effects on the lock screen, improved panning for wide images, some bug fixes, and some awesome Android Wear integration including a watch face (contributed by Ian Lake) and better notifications when new artwork appears.

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[App Roundup] Our Top Seven Picks For The Best New Apps Of February 2014

It's been a busy month in the Android app world, particularly if you want useful tools or visual tweaks. There's one big app that we're not featuring in this roundup: the Google Now Launcher, AKA the Google Experience Launcher. We're omitting it from the main list because it's only compatible with Nexus and GPE devices - even the few standard Android devices that have been upgraded to KitKat can't play with it unmodified.



If you want a truly secure device, you need either a PIN code or a password. If even that isn't enough, then you need to check out TimePIN, a way of constantly changing your PIN code based on your phone's clock time.

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[New App] Taskei Gives Muzei The Tasker Treatment, Provides Greater Control Over Which Wallpapers You See And When

DashClock's developer released Muzei earlier this month, an attractive live wallpaper app that takes pictures, blurs them, and puts them on your homescreen. By default, you can choose from your own images or opt to have a different work of art serve as your background each day, but shortly after release, a ton of extensions became available for Muzei that you can use to keep your background fresh in any number of ways. It even works with AllCast. Now Taskei is here to extend your options even further.

Taskei1 Taskei2 Taskei3

With Taskei, you can have your device only load up new wallpapers from select sources when it's on WiFi, show album art as your background when listening to music (similar to the Nexus 5's lockscreen), shake your phone to shift through backgrounds, activate different extensions depending on your location or the time of day, and more.

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AllCast Updated With A Completely Revamped UI And Muzei Support

Koush's AllCast app does a good job of streaming media to all manner of set top boxes, and of course the Chromecast. However, it hasn't always looked awesome doing it. Well, now it does – the new update comes with a refreshed UI and adds Muzei support for good measure.

q a w 14 - 1

AllCast now has a much improved slide out navigation menu and tabbed browsing of media. The color scheme is nice too. Your Muzei extensions will also show up as sources for content in AllCast. I'm pretty sure there's going to be a toaster with Muzei support soon enough.

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[New App] MultiMuze Rotates Your Muzei Extensions Automatically So You Don't Have To Choose

Ever since developers were turned loose on the new Muzei live wallpaper, we've been seeing really cool extensions. A lot of extensions, actually. So many that it can be hard to choose which one to use. Now you don't have to agonize over the decision – MultiMuze cycles through them all automatically.

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Muzei Extension Roundup Part 2: Google Plus Hashtags, Album Artwork, Dropbox, And More

Developers are really into Roman Nurik's new live wallpaper app, Muzei. A ton of extensions are already available in Google Play, some of which have neat tricks up their sleeves (see part 1 here). Here's the best stuff we've found so far in no particular order.


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