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Instagram continues to absorb other platforms' features with new music suggestions in Stories and Q&A Live feature

Not content to simply absorb all of Snapchat's features, Facebook-owned Instagram is now making a play for the music recommendation/performance demographic and aiming to become a hotspot for Live Q&As. The platform has introduced a feature into Stories (the ephemeral feed at the top of the app) that lets users request, receive, and jam out to song suggestions, as well as a new, more official format for Live Q&A sessions.

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Popular social media app is now Tik Tok

Short-form video app and social media phenomenon I'm too old to understand was purchased by Chinese company ByteDance late last year. Today, with little fanfare, was folded into Tik Tok, a similar service created and operated by ByteDance. accounts have been migrated to Tik Tok, which "incorporates the most popular elements of both apps."

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