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Forget Skynet: Big Mouth Billy Bass with Alexa is the tech hell we deserve

Back in 2016, an absolute madman hacked a Big Mouth Billy Bass to speak using the Alexa API. It was weird. The soulless monsters at Gemmy Industries evidently took notice, though, and have engineered an official Alexa-powered singing fish to bring to market. What have we wrought?

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[Update: Eventbrite added too] YouTube partners with Ticketmaster to show artist gig listings with music videos

Music has always been integral to the success of YouTube, and the platform is well aware of the importance of its relationship with the entertainment industry. As good as watching a music video or live performance can be, it's no substitute for actually seeing your favorite artists live. YouTube wants to connect the two experiences and has partnered with gig ticket seller Ticketmaster to do just that.

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Apple completes acquisition of Shazam, will remove ads from free version

Shazam pre-dates the smartphone as we know it today, but it didn't become popular until everyone was carrying internet-connected devices that could play music. Then, everyone wanted to know what song was playing in the background. Shazam is no longer the only way to ID songs, but it's the only one now wholly owned by Apple. Why does this matter to you, an Android user? Shazam is about to be free.

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Amazon expands 'Multi-Room Music' speaker sync to third-party hardware

In addition to all the other hardware-related news today, Amazon is also rolling out its multi-room audio feature to third-party hardware. Called Alexa Multi-Room Music, the expanded support for other Alexa-powered devices will allow you to group third-party speakers, including offerings from companies like Bose and Sonos, together with Amazon's Echo hardware for synchronized playback.

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Stellio is a powerful music player with lossless support and incredible themes [Sponsored Post]

If you like apps that have a distinctive aesthetic — and a good one — but are loaded with features under the hood, then Stellio Player is right up your alley. Stellio is a music player that is highly customizable, great looking, and has sophisticated playback and library management capabilities.

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Sonos unveils $600 250W Amp, coming February 2019

Today Sonos has revealed its latest product: the Sonos Amp. As the name might imply for those into home theater tech, it isn't just another standalone speaker for the company's lineup. The new Sonos Amp is... well, an amp. It's twice as powerful as the previous Connect:Amp at 250W (125W per channel, two channels), and it has less of the Connect's cheese-grater look going on, with a slightly more modern and shorter matte black package. It'll also be a bit more expensive at $600, with availability set for February 2019.

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[Deal Alert] Get a year of Spotify Premium for $99 ($21 off) from Costco

There's a pretty good chance you use Spotify. Assuming you prefer to enjoy your experiences, there's also a pretty good chance you pay for it. If you'd like to save some cash, Costco's got a pretty good deal on a year of service: $98.99, a savings of $20.89 compared to 12 months at the regular $9.99 monthly fee.

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Pandora Premium now works with Google Assistant, and new subscribers can get a 90-day trial

New tunes are arriving on Google Home devices today with the addition of Pandora Premium to the supported Assistant music services. After connecting your account, Assistant across all your devices can stream music directly from Pandora with new premium features. You can even give Pandora Premium a try for free.

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[Update: Now on Play Store] Poweramp v3 beta shows off a complete redesign of the classic music player

In the early days of Android, it was tough to find a good music player. Let's face facts—Android itself was pretty ugly, and developers didn't have the best tools. However, Poweramp offered a slick UI (for the time) and ample features. The app has fallen by the wayside over time, but there's a new beta build that gives Poweramp a much-needed fresh coat of paint.

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Spotify is now Samsung's music partner on all its devices

Samsung tried to operate its own music streaming service once. Remember Milk Music? Samsung would prefer that you didn't. It has a new music partner today. The next time you set up a Samsung, you're probably going to run into the Spotify app. That's just the first hint of the integration that will be pervasive across Samsung's products.

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