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[Update: You can turn it off] Shazam getting chat head-like 'pop-up' search

Shazam is getting a new function that should make it easier to manually initiate sound searches. Reader Samarth reports that he now has the option to enable a Shazam notification that, when tapped, brings up a persistent chat head-like bubble that acts as a shortcut to sound searches.

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AT Player is a feature-rich free music app that lets you listen to music on YouTube, plays your offline library, and helps you discover new tracks [Sponsored Post]

AT Player is a totally free app that will make your mobile music experience more enjoyable. It has two related sets of features, depending on your habits. If you have a local music library, it is a top notch player with extensive playlist support, equalizer, lyric search, and more. If you like to stream music for free, it's an easy and smart portal to YouTube's massive collection.

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Spotify is asking its users if they'd subscribe to a $30/month data-only plan with Spotify Premium included

From time to time, Spotify will ask its users about various things relating to the service. I had personally been putting off a survey asking for my thoughts on the home screen for a couple of days. However, a reader recently received a much more interesting survey question: whether a data-only mobile plan by Spotify would be something he/she would be interested in.

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Deezer releases a native app for Android TV

Deezer has been in the news quite a lot over the past few months. The music service integrated with Google Home in a few countries, launched a Shazam-like song recognition feature inside its app, and it's now doing one more thing to keep its Android TV users, specifically, happy. The previous Deezer app for the platform is being updated with a more native experience that offers a lot more in a straightforward interface.

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Weekend poll: Which music streaming services do you use?

Earlier this week, Google revealed its latest music streaming service: YouTube Music. Unlike the existing app of the same name—which is little more than a video player—the new YouTube music would be more like Play Music or Spotify, but this time with YouTube semi-independently calling the shots. The organization and flow of subscriptions between YouTube Red, Play Music, and the new YouTube Music and YouTube Premium has led to some confusion, but the concept of Google maintaining two separate music streaming services inspires the question: Do you use a music streaming service?

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YouTube Red is now YouTube Premium, YouTube Music will become Spotify competitor

Google's current services for music and video overlap a bit... to say the least. There's YouTube Red, which gives you ad-free videos and some bonus features. Then you have YouTube Music, which is more oriented towards music videos, and requires a YouTube Red subscription. Google Play Music is purely music-based, and functions as both a streaming service (like Spotify) and a storage location for your vast collection of MP3s.

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YouTube adds automatic 'Music in this video' credits

YouTube videos with identifiable music will now feature credits complete with artist names and song and album titles in their descriptions. The information even includes a link to the artist's official YouTube channel, where applicable. The music is identified automatically by the technology behind YouTube's ContentID.

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Instagram to add 'music stickers' to Stories according to TechCrunch's APK teardown

Last week, Instagram announced that it was planning to jazz up Stories with content from other apps, including Spotify. According to an APK teardown by TechCrunchall the cool kids are doing them now—music integration into Instagram's Stories will be even deeper than previously thought. New "music stickers" may allow you to play clips of selected songs in your Stories.

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Spotify adds on-demand listening to free service

Spotify has a lot of competition in the streaming music space, but today it announced a new feature that could set it apart. Even if you choose not to pay for a premium Spotify subscription, you can now choose specific tracks to stream. Previously, the free version of the service only supported shuffle mode.

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Google Home gets support for Saavn and Gaana music streaming services in India

Google has just launched English support in India, but that's not all. It's also rolling out support for a few region-specific music services. Users of Saavn and Gaana can plug their accounts into Home and make them a default music streaming service. It only takes a few taps.

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