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Play Music v8.1 appears with dedicated Android TV app and a significantly new look [APK Download]

The Play Music app on Android TV has remained mostly unchanged since the platform launched three years ago. If you've grown tired of the wall of orange and all of the completely original Material Design components that were used when Android TV first launched, you'll be happy to see that Play Music is now sporting a new look. A new Android TV-specific variant of the Play Music app is rolling out through the Play Store with a completely redesigned look.

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Android Auto support arrives in Plex [APK Download]

Plex is a popular option for streaming your media collection across your network (or the internet), including music. Just like with video files, you can store all your music on a centralized server (or a cloud storage service with Plex Cloud), and stream it to any device at any time. If you've switched over to Plex for your music playback needs, like me, you'll be happy to know that the app now supports Android Auto.

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Google Home now has a sleep timer to turn your music off

With the introduction of the Home Mini and Home Max, there are now three types of Assistant-powered hardware from Google. The Assistant is already very capable, but that isn't stopping the team from continuing to add useful features. At Google's event earlier in the month we learned that Google Home can now easily find your phone, and it also recently added the ability to turn off your Chromecast-connected TV.

The latest addition to Google Home's feature set is a new type of timer. It's already possible to set timers for things like cooking or game time, but we can now also set a sleep timer that will stop your music playing at a given point in time.

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Spotify will soon work with all Google Assistant devices

Spotify has been making some news lately. Following on the heels of Google's hardware event today, the music streaming service has announced all users, Free and Premium, can use their voices to get tunes going on any Assistant-enabled device, meaning that it's not just limited to the Home anymore.

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Pixel Ambient Services app pops up in the Play Store, confirms always-on music ID feature

You're probably aware that Google is having an event in just a little bit. We've heard plenty of rumors about what will be announced, including one suggesting that Google is planning an always-on music identification feature for the new Pixels. That's looking very much confirmed right now, thanks to a new listing in the Play Store called Pixel Ambient Services.

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iHeartRadio releases standalone app for Android Wear 2.0 [APK Download]

Internet radio app iHeartRadio is pretty popular with Android users and with good reason. It's built up an impressive feature set to go along with its attractive interface and is frequently updated with useful additions, such as Google Home support earlier in the year. The latest version brings with it a dedicated Android Wear 2.0 app, and you don't need your phone for it to work.

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Spotify’s new ‘Your Time Capsule’ playlist is a nostalgic romp through the music of your youth

I'm the sort of person that gets excited for Monday. Not because of work, but because it's when I get my next Discover Weekly playlist on Spotify. I may have a Play Music account, but Spotify's recommendations are on an entirely different level. And in a blog post today, Spotify announced yet another personalized playlist. It's called Your Time Capsule, and the songs in it are based on music from your teens and early twenties. You can see your own version of this playlist by scanning a code with the app (included above and below in the article) or by following this link.

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WeDJ app arrives in the Play Store to drop a sick beat

Your phone has a big fancy touchscreen, so why not use it to render some DJ tools? WeDJ was released on iOS last year, and it's just now launched on Android. This app pipes your music collection into a virtual DJ station with support for multiple tracks, audio effects, and more.

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Play Music v7.12 adds an option to prevent external devices from auto-playing music [APK Download]

Smartphones have become a critical component for many of the things we do in our lives. There are still plenty of bugs and weird little things that don't quite work right on our phones, but it's when they have to connect to other devices that many of the strangest behaviors start to crop up. For years, one particular issue has been plaguing users as they connect a phone to their car stereos, headphones, or other audio output devices. Moments after a connection is made, the phone will suddenly and unexpectedly begin playing music – and anecdotally, they're always quite loud. Google Play Music is often blamed for this behavior because it's the app most likely to respond, but there's now a toggle to prevent that from happening.

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Wireless multi-speaker app SoundSeeder gets a material makeover in version 2.0

SoundSeeder is a pretty niche app, one that promises to turn any device capable of running it into another speaker for your music. By syncing multiple phones all connected to the same Wi-Fi network, you can make your music louder and spread it throughout different rooms, perfect for parties. A while ago, Rita took a look at how SoundSeeder compared with a new app in the space, AmpMe. Since then, SoundSeeder developer Jekapps has been hard at work on v2.0, which includes a complete material redesign, wearable support, and more.

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