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The first signs of Google Play Music's impending shutdown have arrived

The phasing out of Play Music has been in progress for a while, and the whole service is set to be discontinued this month. It doesn't come as much of a surprise, then, that Google has begun to transition the default music player on Assistant devices from Play Music to YouTube Music. This also means that most users are now getting ads in between their own songs.

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Huge Apple Music 3.4 beta update ports all the iOS 14 changes to Android (APK download)

Apple is preparing to launch iOS 14, and that means there are updates incoming for all of its system apps, including Music. It looks like the company is working on bringing over these latest changes to Android as soon as possible, as the latest Apple Music beta v3.4 already sports almost all of the new stuff that will come to iOS 14: there's a new icon, improved search, autoplay, and Listen Now, which replaces the For You section of old.

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YouTube Music is testing charts in the Explore tab

For a long time, YouTube Music featured a near useless Hotlist tab that collected a few trending music videos you may or may not care for. The developers have long replaced it with the much better Explore section that gives you a personalized selection of new albums and singles, playlists, genres and moods, and more. This experience is in for a small facelift some Redditors have spotted: Apart from a slightly revised design, the new page now features charts for them.

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Spotify releases two new hot playlists for summer 2020

Spotify's winning feature is its customized playlists that offer you daily listens, commute-friendly audio, fresh releases from your favorite artists, family and couple-friendly mixes, a way to see your current or older favorite songs, and more. The service has now updated one of its seasonal playlists, Your Summer Rewind, for 2020 and released a new hotlist of the songs it expects to be this summer's hits.

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Shared Piano is a Google experiment for jamming with your friends remotely

Lockdown has been especially hard for musicians around the world, whether professionals who play in bands or amateurs who like to noodle around with their friends sometimes. Google's latest web-based experiment could help with that, allowing groups of up to 10 to play music together remotely.

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Google delays YouTube Music transfers due to 'high demand'

Google's long-awaited transfer tool for YouTube Music debuted a month ago, and surprise, it's getting swamped. Google now warns users that transfers are "delayed" because of high demand. Transfers are still happening, but they're going to be slow enough that Google felt the need to warn everyone.

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Google Play Music vs. YouTube Music: Everything you need to know

As YouTube Music's migration tool continues to roll out, many Play Music subscribers are likely asking themselves if it's finally time to just give up on holding out and switch to Google's new music streaming service. But as Play Music will die by the end of 2020, it could also be just as good a time to take your music collection to a personal cloud (or offline entirely) and switch to something like Spotify or Tidal as your paid streaming solution.

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Switching from Spotify to YouTube Music: Everything you need to know

I've been a loyal Spotify user since what feels like the year the service launched, and a premium subscriber since 2014. Spotify premium has tons of great extra features, and I absolutely think it's worth the money if you're considering a paid music streaming subscription. But as I've been spending a lot more time at home of late, I've started watching a lot more YouTube, and the various pre-roll and mid-roll ads were starting to grate on me. Of course, you can remove those ads—by signing up for YouTube Premium. But that would also give me access to YouTube Music, meaning I'd technically be paying for two music services.

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Plex launches its standalone music player and server management apps on Android

Plex started its own video streaming service not too long ago, but the platform remains dedicated to fans who value it for its core capabilities — managing and accessing their own media. To make life easier for these people, the company has introduced two new apps as part of its Labs program: Plexamp, meant to be the go-to destination to listen to your music, and Plex Dash, a mobile server management tool. The biggest caveat: You need the Plex Pass to use either.

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Tidal is offering 4 months of Premium and HiFi subscriptions for just $4

The Coronavirus pandemic has forced the majority of the population to stay quarantined at home. Some people may find it difficult to work from home, especially when confined alone. Thankfully, music can be a good motivational factor, especially when it doesn't cost much. To help people go through the situation, Tidal is offering its paid subscriptions for just $4 for four months.

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