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YouTube and Universal Music team up to remaster 1,000+ old music videos

It's hard to find an exact definition of what YouTube is, as there's just so much different content to consume on the platform. One thing is for sure, though: YouTube is the place to find music and — more specifically — music videos. However, older videos often lack quality, and can sometimes only be found at odious 360p. Luckily, YouTube is looking to change that. The platform and Universal Music Group have just announced that they've remastered some iconic music videos of the past that seamlessly replace the old versions already online.

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[Update: Eventbrite added too] YouTube partners with Ticketmaster to show artist gig listings with music videos

Music has always been integral to the success of YouTube, and the platform is well aware of the importance of its relationship with the entertainment industry. As good as watching a music video or live performance can be, it's no substitute for actually seeing your favorite artists live. YouTube wants to connect the two experiences and has partnered with gig ticket seller Ticketmaster to do just that.

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Eminem's new 'Venom' video shows off the Pixel 3's video prowess

On the night of October 6, New Yorkers were confused by an unusual light display on the Empire State Building. Turns out it was for the shooting of an Eminem video that was captured (at least for the most part) on Pixel 3 phones.

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[Update: Out of beta] Music Mate from DJiT finds the music video for the song you're currently listening to

What are you listening to right now? Me, I'm listening to the 2012 album Battle Born, by The Killers, specifically the song 'Runaways.' But what if I wanted to find the music video for that song? Now there's an app that can do that: Music Mate, from DJiT.

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VEVO Announces VEVO TV, An Always-On Streaming Music Video Channel, Already Available As Part Of The App

Remember back in the day when MTV actually showed music videos instead of two-dozen different [completely moronic] shows that you don't really want to watch? Well, it looks like VEVO wants to bring that sort of always-on music video channel back from the dead with its freshly-announced VEVO TV. As the name suggests, it's a TV-like channel that can be accessed any time, where you can watch music videos in real-time with everyone else. You know, like... TV.

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As of yesterday's update, the service is already a part of the Android app, but it can also be accessed on iOS, Windows Phone, Xbox 360, Roku, and, of course, in the web browser.

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