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YouTube Music adds toggle to seamlessly switch between music videos and music during playback

It was inevitable that Google's music streaming service would be video-focused once placed in the hands of YouTube, but plenty of folks interested in music have zero interest in watching the associated video. Thankfully for them, The YouTube Music app now lets you seamlessly switch between music videos and plain 'ol music with a single toggle, and you can even disable videos entirely by default.

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Vevo realizes YouTube music videos are its forte, plans to shut down mobile apps and consumer site

You probably know Vevo from its name being plastered all over music videos on YouTube, and as luck would have it, that's how most people know it. Chances are that you didn't know it had mobile apps and a consumer site, either. For that reason, Vevo is shutting the apps and consumer site down and refocusing on its bread and butter: YouTube.

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John Legend's "A Good Night" music video was shot entirely on a Pixel 2

The video clip for John Legend's newest song, A Good Night, takes place at a nightclub and follows two individuals as they meet and eventually end up getting married. The song itself is quite catchy, but what's most interesting is the fact that the whole music video was actually shot entirely on the Pixel 2, even despite the less-than-ideal lighting conditions you'd find in a dimly lit room with strobe lights.

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YouTube Music app crosses 50 million downloads on the Play Store

Of all the streaming music services, I find YouTube Music the most puzzling. This is undoubtedly because I am not a millennial, and by that I mean I am old and irrelevant. YouTube Music clearly doesn't need me to understand its appeal, because its Android app just passed the 50,000,000 installs threshold on the Play Store.

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Katy Perry uses Google Duo to video chat with Prince Piggy and Lord Markus in her new eccentric music video

I'm not into music videos so I have no idea whether all of Katy Perry's videos are as weird as this one or if this is the exception. And I'm not about to go watch a bunch of her videos to find out either. But truth be told, part of me liked "Hey Hey Hey" both for the lyrics and the video's setup. It reminded me of when I was touringthe Palace of Versailles and the guide explained how people used to gather around to watch the king wake up and how he had to make a show out of it even if he technically slept in another room.

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Google's Seventh Spotlight Story, Pearl, Now Available To Watch On YouTube And Cardboard

Fans of the burgeoning art of 360-degree short-form storytelling have probably been enamored by Google's Spotlight Stories, a series of videos designed to highlight the narrative potential of the VR format. The latest one is Pearl, a sort of extended animated music video about a man, his daughter, and the beat-up hatchback car that they share over about 20 years. The short is directed by Patrick Osbourne, and the original song "No Wrong Way Home" was written by Alexis Harte and JJ Weisler and performed by Nicki Bluhm and Kelley Stoltz.

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[Hands On] Popular Lip-Sync Music Video App, Triller, Comes To Google Play - It's Actually Incredibly Fun To Play With

Triller. That's a silly sounding name and a really dumb idea for an app.

Those were my first thoughts when I saw this app pop up on the Android Police to-do list. Triller is the kind of app I assumed would appeal only to narcissistic, college-attending, plaid-wearing, hipsters born after the year 1995. The fact that it launched as an iOS exclusive back in July, and this promo video didn't help that perception. It turns out I was wrong, but I'll get to that in a minute.

The concept of the app is pretty simple. First, pick one of the songs featured by the app, or one from your own music library.

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