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Spotify will soon let you share control of your music queue with others

A good party should be an open party. Namely, it should have a few open things: an open door, an open bar (or two), and an open jukebox. That last bit can get more awkward than one would like as people fumble around with a computer or figure out how to connect their phones to the Wi-Fi network. Well, Spotify is cooking up a new feature that will let other users take control of a host's playlist with a simple scan of a code or tap of a link.

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Amazon reportedly working on Tidal-like high-fidelity music streaming service

Amazon already has two music streaming products Amazon Music (a limited library available to all Prime users) and Music Unlimited (a larger streaming library for $7.99/month). A new report claims the company is working on an additional service intended to directly compete with Tidal.

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Slacker Radio rebranded as LiveXLive, focusing on streaming live performances [APK Download]

When LiveXLive acquired Slacker Radio for $50 million towards the end of 2017, it wasn't clear what the live music streaming service would do with the app. Eventually, the decision was made to combine the two platforms and the rebranded app is now live on the Play Store.

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[Update: Rolling out] Spotify makes your song queue more accessible with new Now Playing UI

Several months ago, Spotify began testing a new Now Playing interface that left us scratching our heads. It removed both the replay and queue buttons from the main UI and hid them under the secondary menu. Of course that was not a smart move, and Spotify is now rolling out (server-side) another take on that redesign, but with more sensible decisions. And I like it.

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[Update: Working for existing subs] New Spotify Premium subscribers now get Hulu for free

Spotify is one of the best streaming services for music and podcasts, and Hulu is an excellent app for streaming television and original programming (especially if you snagged that Black Friday deal). For about a year now the two services have been working together to deliver a bundle that gets you all that content at a reduced price. Today that offer becomes an even better value, with Spotify Premium throwing in Hulu for free.

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Spotify lets you disable 'canvas' video snippets that replace album covers

About a year ago, Spotify started testing a new full-screen album art layout for specific songs and playlists and more recently enhanced this feature to display repeating video snippets called "canvases" for certain tracks. Although the company claims these are designed to limit battery and data usage, they create an inconsistent experience when they're amongst other songs that don't have these animated images, especially because I'd rather see the actual album cover instead of an animation uploaded by the artist. However, it appears the streaming giant wants to let users choose if they want to disable these and show the regular CD cover instead.

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Spotify soft-launches in India with a 119 INR ($1.67) monthly subscription

Spotify's launch in India has been a long time coming. It's nearly inconceivable that the music streaming giant hasn't yet put its foot in one of the world's largest markets and tried to grab millions of subscribers. But after years of waiting, we're almost there: following recent rumors of Spotify's India launch, the app is now available on the Play Store in India and signing up with an account is possible, even if buying a Premium subscription isn't working smoothly yet.

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Google Assistant and Home speakers to soon support Apple Music (Updated)

The team behind Apple Music is keeping busy. Among all of Cupertino's services and products, it's the most platform-agnostic and the one that has made an effort to support Android as best as it could. In the past few months, the Apple Music app has added Android tablet support, Android Auto compatibility, and is supposed to integrate into Google Maps at some point. Beyond that, it looks like the streaming service will soon be compatible with Google Assistant and Home speakers.

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Tidal competitor Qobuz is coming to the US with audiophile music streaming

Since its introduction in 2014, Tidal has been the main provider of high-bitrate music for streaming in the United States. However, the company is more well-known for its controversies — like alleged inflation of subscriber numbers and artists bailing out — than its actual service. Tidal now has some added competition, as French streaming service Qobuz has expanded to the United States.

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Plex adds new Tidal integration, artist radio stations, and more options to discover new music

Yesterday, Plex announced some huge additions and changes to the music side of your media server. These were so important/awesome that I had to get this out to you in case you hadn't seen it yet. Among many things, Plex has added a deep integration with Tidal, some massive mobile player overhauls, an improved shuffle system, discoverability options, and more.

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