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YouTube adds automatic 'Music in this video' credits

YouTube videos with identifiable music will now feature credits complete with artist names and song and album titles in their descriptions. The information even includes a link to the artist's official YouTube channel, where applicable. The music is identified automatically by the technology behind YouTube's ContentID.

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[Update: Regional availability] Music recognition in Google Assistant no longer exclusive to Pixel 2, now works on more devices

Just about a month ago, the "what's this song" music identification functionality started to roll out to Assistant on both of the new Pixel 2 phones. Google's voice search (for instance, via "Google Now") had this functionality for a long time, but for whatever reason, the transition to the new Assistant stripped that feature away. Although it was back for the Pixel 2, it appears that music recognition in the Assistant is now rolling out to non-Google devices as well. 

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