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YouTube Music widely rolls out Explore tab and new player UI with lyrics (APK Download)

YouTube Music has been steadily improving and spreading to more countries since its launch. Over the past couple of months, Google has been testing and slowly rolling out two new features in the app: a new player interface with lyrics and an Explore tab for better music discovery. Both of these are now live for most users (if not everyone) in the latest app update.

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YouTube Music is adding three Spotify-like personalized playlists (Update: Official)

Like it or not, YouTube Music is here to replace Google Play Music. Ask any user though and they'll tell you the service isn't ready. Plenty of features are missing and music recommendations are nearly inexistent. That's about to change though as YouTube Music prepares to roll out three personalized playlists which are geared toward discovery.

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SoundCloud's redesigned home screen features personalized playlists and curated recommendations

SoundCloud announced today that it's given the home screen of its Android app a fresh lick of paint. Until now, the app would open with a stream of the latest releases from the artists and labels you follow. That content is still there, in a new tab highlighted by a lightning bolt, but the home screen has a few new goodies to keep you interested.

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Hype Machine Drops From $3.99 To Completely Free On The Play Store

Hype Machine isn't your typical music discovery service. It relies on music blogs to aggregate the most recent and talked about music tracks across the internet and from various genres. You can only listen to songs when the original blog has posted a link to SoundCloud, Bandcamp, or for example, but the track itself isn't hosted on Hype Machine.

The service is more geared toward the music blogging scene, providing links to the articles where each song was shared and letting you favorite blogs and users to follow what they've been posting. Essentially, it's a heavily curated music social network and it works very well for those who like that approach.

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[Update: It's Here] Shazam Will Now Stream Full Songs In-App Via Rdio, Android App Update Coming Soon

Update: The Android version of Shazam has now received this update as well. Here's the new changelog posted to the Play Store.

What's new:

This release brings full track playback in Shazam, powered by Rdio. Once you’re connected, you can play any track and carry on listening to the music as you discover more in the app. Shazam a song to get started.

2014-07-25 16.11.14

Shazam, the company whose app uses a phone or tablet's microphone to identify a song or TV show, has partnered with Rdio to offer users full in-app song playback. Previously Shazam kicked users out to a separate app to check out the track.

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Shazam Can Add Songs To An Rdio Playlist And Show Auto-Scrolling Lyrics In Portrait After 2.6 Update

Music discovery app Shazam has always been a bit stylish by Android standards, but today's update adds both some more modern visual polish and notable usability upgrades. In particular, the auto-scrolling lyric function has been improved in version 2.6: it now supports a more natural portrait layout and much more readable text, doing away with the funky word art. Auto-scroll isn't universal, but when it works it's pretty neat. That should be a boon to your impromptu karaoke sessions.

Screenshot_2014-04-10-22-36-33 Screenshot_2014-04-10-22-34-46 Screenshot_2014-04-10-22-34-57

New version with portrait auto-scrolling lyrics.

Shazam now integrates better with Rdio, a partnership that began earlier this year.

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Review: Spotify For Android (US) - Is It The Music Streaming Service You've Been Waiting For?

No, it's not. At least not for Android - and that's what we're here to talk about today. The merits of Spotify as a music streaming subscription service for your desktop are substantially greater - it's well organized, searching and streaming are quick, powerful, and pretty. There's a lot to love - and at $10 (or free for ad-supported and no Android playback) a month for unlimited streaming, those plusses are hard to argue against.

Unfortunately, if you plan on using Spotify on your Android device, there's a lot less to love, unless your musical needs are very specific. Spotify for Android is good for one thing: finding music.

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mSpot Gets Update, Combines Your Music With Internet Radio

Up until now, there have been two types of music services to choose from (aside from local media, of course) - streaming radio like Pandora or Slacker, or personal content streaming with services like Google Music or Amazon Cloud Player. mSpot is looking to change the game, however, by combining the two.

The updated mSpot Music app really is a great idea - it combines your personal music collection with streaming music discovery radio. This is the type of service that I have wanted for quite some time now, because while I love to listen to my own music collection, I'm always looking for new artists to check out.

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