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Muzei updated with new widget, Tasker plugin, and launcher gesture

Muzei, a much-loved live wallpaper app made by Google employee Roman Nurik, has just been updated. There was a long gap in which Muzei didn't see too much in the way of updates, which had me concerned for a while. But, between the one back in February and today's, things look to be picking up.

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Google's Field Trip App Finally Does Something Useful By Offering Free Admission To 13 Museums Around The US

Field Trip is a somewhat experimental project out of Google's Niantic Labs, an internal start-up that is also responsible for the game Ingress. Field Trip is a location-aware experience just like Ingress, but its purpose is to alert you to notable stuff in your general vicinity. Showing you mildly interesting landmarks is one thing, but Field Trip can now get you free admission to 13 museums in addition to telling you where they are.


Wander near any of the participating institutions and Field Trip will pop up a card (in the Nearby tab) that contains instructions on how to get your free culture injection.

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Google Launches Indoor Maps For The UK, Can't Avoid Rain Jokes Any Better Than I Can

Indoor maps are becoming the hot new thing in the world of not getting lost. Google may be using fancy 3D planes to map everything the sky can see, but sometimes it's just as easy to get lost in a train station as it is in a city. Google's recent indoor maps have made navigating easier, and now UK locations are being added to the supported list.


The maps have been seamlessly integrated into the Google Maps app. Just zoom in to a location and the indoor maps will "magically" appear. You can even search for directions from within the building, across multiple floors.

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