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Pocket now supports multi-window on Android 7.0 and above

Do you want to read your articles and do something else at the same time? Android technically lets you do this: it implemented multi-window support in Android 7.0, but apparently and for some reason, popular reading app Pocket hadn't added it yet. Now it's working.

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Android P DP2 has a redesigned interface for triggering split screen apps

Split screen/multi-window apps were introduced back with Android 7.0 Nougat, and based on a poll we recently ran, the majority of our readers use it either infrequently or not at all. Nonetheless, it seems that with the recent changes to the multitasking UI in Android P DP2, the forgotten feature has received a bit of love from Google.

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Periscope adds multi-window support to the Android app

After Periscope's full functionality was added to the Twitter mobile apps, Twitter promised users that the Periscope app would continue to be a hub for discovering livestreams, as well as serve users that don't want to use Twitter. Keeping that promise, Twitter has updated the Periscope app several times since then, now adding multi-window support to the Android app.

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MX Player gets update that adds Android 7.0 multi-window support and more

There are numerous video players available on the Play Store, each with its own strengths. MX Player, one of the more popular ones, has just received an update that adds a few great features, such as multi-window support for devices running Android 7.0 Nougat, a new decoder, and screen-off playback.

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Freeform multi-window mode won't be enabled on the Pixel C or any of the Nexus devices in Android N

Android N is introducing multi-window support in a limited way. A split-screen option sits apps side-by-side, so you can see more than one at once. But if you want to resize and drag windows like you would on a PC, it can be done, but it takes a bit more work.

We didn't expect to see freeform multi-window support in the upcoming version of Android, but it would be nice to see the feature appear as an optional flag. That won't happen either.

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[Update: Video No Longer Goes Black On Android N Split Screen] YouTube v11.13 Adds Video Title, Channel, And Total Views To The Player Overlay [APK Download]

Google seems to be on a rampage of updates with small tweaks and adjustments to a number of apps. I like to think of it as polish. YouTube in particular has been flying through minor version bumps, the latest of which seems to include just a single visual adjustment to the player screen. Tap on the screen while a video is playing and the overlay now contains the current video's title, the channel it's from, and the total number of views it has acquired thus far. Take a look at the shot below.

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Quick Look At Android N: Five Sweet New Features (Video)

We know you don't see a lot of video content at Android Police. We also know that on days like this, you're probably absolutely craving a little variation in media consumption options to learn all about Android N. Well, today I'd like to introduce you to the newest member of the AP team: Mark Burstiner.

Mark's going to help us produce awesome, entertaining, high-quality video (who I am kidding: help? he's going to do it - we're video noobs) that you'll actually want to watch. And on N-Day, what better way to kick off that campaign than with five awesome new features you'll find in Android N?

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[Android M Feature Spotlight] Multi-window (Well, Kind Of)

Late last year, we took an early look at a then-rumored feature that we expected to see in an upcoming build of Android: Multi-window. We've heard rumors and whatnot since then, but no physical implementation had been spotted. Now, Multi-window is a real thing, it's part of M, and you can try it today (if you're willing to mod your device a little bit).

mw wm2

Thanks to Andrew and Josh for the screenshots

It's worth mentioning that this is still very early in its development and is quite buggy. But the idea is there - you can run two things on the screen at one time.

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Mention Of 'Multiwindows' Pops Up In Android Commit

Back in October, we posted a quick look at some of Google's very early plans for multi-window functionality on Android Lollipop, a feature that had apparently been in the works since at least KitKat. The system, in a nut shell, would allow users to have two apps open at a time, scaling the apps to take up more or less space on the screen, and interact with the overview or Google Search, passing text or other data back and forth.

Today, a reader pointed out an interesting Android commit that makes mention of the feature (about which we've heard nothing official). The commit in question, made January 27th 2015, mentions "multiwindows" briefly, implying that it's a feature destined for some unspecified future release.

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