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Bug in Google Photos removes tap-and-drag gesture for multiple selection (Update: Fixed)

A recent update to Google Photos is annoying a lot of users by removing the super handy tap-and-drag for selecting multiple images. Not all users are affected and it's not clear if this is a server-side bug or a sign of things to come, but if the latter's the case, then it sure is not a wise decision, Google.

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Messages 4.7 lets you batch-delete individual messages in chats [APK Download]

Work on the Messages app, Google's messaging platform du jour, continues. After adding RCS, Assistant, a web client, and several other enhancements, the latest Messages update isn't groundbreaking but it does bring one feature that should have been there already: multi-select for individual messages.

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WhatsApp now lets you share and forward a message to multiple chats (with frequent chats on top)

There are dozens of planned WhatsApp features coming soon (GIF support, video calling, image annotation, and more that some were able to trigger with a bit of root know-how), but I'm not here to taunt you with things that you can't play with yet. So let's talk about a feature that's already live.

In the latest beta of WhatsApp, 2.16.230, there's a new option that will make life for a lot of you easier: multi-select when forwarding or sharing a message. No longer will you have to send a message to one chat, then go back and do it again to send to another, and so on until all your groups and friends and maybe even your mom have seen that awesome screenshot of the Dragonite you just caught.

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