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Google Maps v9.31 Beta Part 2: multiple waypoints, notifications about indoor maps and transit disruptions, and more [APK Teardown]

The update to Google Maps v9.31 brought a couple of fixes for users on Android N developer previews, not to mention some other small changes for everybody. But the most interesting things about this version are still buried below the surface. Yesterday, I covered support for offline maps to be installed on an SD card, and now it's time to dig into the rest of the teardown. If SD card support weren't enough, there are a couple of other features here that have been hotly requested for some time, so it's pretty clearly the Maps team is working hard to fill out the feature set for users.

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PSA: Google Maps For Android Can Navigate To Multiple Destinations (With A Little Help From A Desktop)

Officially, the Android version of Google Maps can't navigate to multiple successive destinations, which is something that the desktop/web version of Google Maps has been able to do for some time. (It's possible to search for stops along a single route, but not to add new destinations further down the line.) If users try to send directions for multiple destinations to a phone or tablet, they get this discouraging little message:

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